Minor Incidents On The Time Track

In the course of our reporting we receive photos of Scientology awards, commendations, completions and other forms of recognition or thanks. Until now we haven’t published them without a larger story, but they deserve to be shared and recorded for researchers, and for friends and family that may not be in communication with the Scientologists in good standing. This is the first article in a series we call Minor Incidents on the Time Track.

Mihail Lampert completed his Purification Rundown at the Riga, Lativa Mission.

Pietro Diano completed his Purification Rundown at the Cosenza Mission, Italy.

Erika & Eliot Aguilar are new Humanitarians at the Ideal Org of Mexico City.

David Wagner signed a contract renewal at the Belleair Mission in Florida.

John Hurd and Jessica Maciel received this commendation from the IAS.

Tyren Seymour completed Super Power.

Medina Begalieva won Best NED Auditor for 2015 at the Cincinnati Org.


One thought on “Minor Incidents On The Time Track

  1. Sadly these days the paper and trophies have more value than the service completed or level achieved. The tech is now so degraded, squirreled and obliterated they may as well be getting awards and commendations for being adept street-sweepers or courteous pedestrians – or something. I have got files and files full of commendations & service completions which mean absolutely nothing – every single one now invalid.


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