Where is The Next Ideal Org?

With the completed opening of the Basel, Switzerland Ideal Org in April, we’re taking a look at the contenders for the next Ideal Org to open, and we have three candidates.

Our money is on Bogota, Colombia. This is an IAS-sponsored org, and the first in South America. It’s increasingly important in Scientology that all continents be represented in any expansion effort, and the Ideal Org in Mexico City doesn’t look very close to South America to us.

The building was stripped to bare steel as part of the renovation, and we predict it will open this year.

Atlanta, Georgia has been in renovation since November, 2014. We expect it to launch in early 2016.

We had given up on Kansas City, Missouri ever completing their Ideal Org, until this email from the OTC came our way. We thought the building was in serious disrepair, but perhaps there are no structural problems, and it can be renovated in the next year or two.

Our Ideal Org in Kansas City is on the home stretch. Construction is to begin in June. (Basically redoing the interior of the building to meet Ideal Org needs and standards.)

Kansas City is in the center of the Midwest. Seven states come under the Kansas City Org’s range of operation – Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota.

In Executive Directive of 20 May 1970 from L. Ron Hubbard, THE IDEAL ORG, Ron says in the first sentence – “The ideal org would be an activity where people came to achieve freedom and where they had confidence they would attain it.”

And in the 18th paragraph he says – “One could look at this ideal org and know that this (italics) was the place a new civilization was being established for this planet.”

This is why we need an Ideal Org here, in Kansas City – to bring spiritual freedom to the people of this area and establish our portion of a new civilization.

It is our intention that our Ideal Org be in full operation before the end of the year,

You can help, in the form of agreement and financial donations. Join us in this theta endeavor, for the people of the Midwest and LRH. Send donations for Ideal Org to Church of Scientology, 2 East 39th Street, Kansas City, MO 64111. Call 816-753-6590 for further information.

Joe Breeden
OT Committee Member


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