Scientology Responds In Nepal 6

Yesterday Nepal felt a second large earthquake, registering 7.3 on the Richter Scale, far less than the 7.8 quake two weeks ago. While the first quake is estimated to have left over 1,000 dead, yesterday’s death toll is being reported at less than 100. Our thoughts go out to the families and victims of both earthquakes.

Mike Savas and Max McDonald left Nepal before the second quake, traveling to Australia and probably back to Bali and the beach. They shared some photos before they left, showing supplies being distributed in villages outside Kathmandu.

Emergency Medical Technician Shannon Barnes is still in Nepal, and shared this photo of rescue efforts after the second quake. He is with Los Topos and newly arrived volunteer and motorcycle racer Justin Lurie, from Los Angeles. Lurie does not appear to be a Scientologist, and his rescue training is unknown at this time.

Los Topos and Barnes have been trying without success to find survivors in a newly collapsed hospital in Kathmandu.

Tikla Dipen Karki and Rahul KC, Nepalese Volunteer Ministers, have left Nepal to attend a conference for the Scientology front group Youth for Human Rights in Taiwan.

We have no updates from Serbian music teacher Igor Kovic and his group of VMs.

A group of Indian Scientologists has arrived, led by Sanjay Jindal (below), who is the owner of the Mind-Body-Nutrition Center in nearby Uttarakhand province. He is joined by VMs Harwinder S. Kamra (turban), who is an English teacher, Manzoor Karim Gulvi, Marion Whitta, Alex del Llano, Khawaja Junaid and Okram Kulla. Kulla has training as an emergency medical specialist, and appears to be the only qualified person to do rescue in the group. Kulla is pictured performing first aid with instruments, and the others are pictured performing Scientology touch assists and clearing debris.

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