Scientology Responds In Nepal 5

There are three fundraising sites to support Scientology’s relief efforts in Nepal. The Mike Savas and Max McDonald site has raised $43,000, which has been converted to Nepalese Rupees (above) in Kathmandu and used to buy generators, water, and distribute bag lunches. The promised 747 full of supplies has not materialized. Since a 747 costs about $40,000 per hour to fly, it was never a realistic plan given the level of financial support being sent by Scientologists.

The Shannon Barnes site has raised $1,530, and has had no visible effect on relief efforts. Shannon appears to be touring the countryside taking photos with children

The Way To Happiness Nepal site run by Nepalese volunteers Tikla Dipen Karki and “Rahul KC” has raised no money at all, and appear to have abandoned their relief efforts.

‎Igor Kovic’s group has no funding site, but is involved in distributing bag lunches in the countryside. The tent for administering touch assists has not been seen in several days.


6 thoughts on “Scientology Responds In Nepal 5

  1. I had no idea that there was a Walmart in Kathmandu so fully stocked that they still had generators, water and bad lunches for sale days after a major earthquake.

    My incredulity meter just pegged.

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    • It would be lovely to think all stores in Kathmandu freely allowed their inventory to be shipped randomly to the countryside after the earthquake in hopes that it would be useful to people. Instead, somebody with generators, food and water apparently needed $40,000 more than they needed the supplies. I think given their budget they did as well as they could. That kind of money doesn’t bring in a plane, much less a plane full of supplies. A little water, a little food and a little power is better than nothing. The whole effort was a PR stunt, but some kids did get lunch, and that part of the stunt should be applauded as much as the entire effort criticized. If they paid for Los Topos to fly in that should be applauded also. As with many things in Scientology, there’s some good and bad mixed up into a big gray area.

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  2. “Igor Kovic’s group has no funding site, but is involved in distributing bag lunches in the countryside.”

    It would be nice to know who actually provided those lunches the VM’s were distributing, because I’m sure it wasn’t them.

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  3. “The promised 747 full of supplies has not materialized.” Is it a coincidence that John Travolta owns a 747 that was used to send VMs in Haiti ? I don’t think so.

    Perhaps they find out that Nepal is slightly farther from Florida than Haiti…

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    • Travolta owns a former Quantas Boeing 707, which can probably seat 180 passengers. A 747 is a much larger plane, most models can carry 600 passengers. I think they got carried away with the 747 idea. It’s not going to happen, even with the second earthquake yesterday. We should have an update on Nepal later today.

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