Baton Rouge Scientology Will Train Your Employees

The Baton Rouge, Louisiana Scientology Mission is offering to do classes at company locations to train employees to improve “understanding, courage, certainty and morale.” The courses appear to be renamed versions of standard Scientology courses, such as the Comm Course, PTS/SP and Ups and Downs. The brochure uses the name “Dianetics Foundation” instead of Scientology, and the contact person is Dexter Manuel, a member of OSA and also the lead singer/guitar player for Dexter Lee & The Prophets, a blues band.


5 thoughts on “Baton Rouge Scientology Will Train Your Employees

  1. They’ll train your employees and open you up to lawsuits from those employees who feel the Scientology religion is being forced on them in the workplace. And Dianetics is part of Scientology.

    From the 1993 Closing Agreement between the IRS and Scientology, published in the WSJ some time back:

    ” Any entity that owns, (including, but not limited to, those entities listed below in this subparagraph C.8.), (sub) licenses to others to use, and/or has rights to (sub) license others to use what has been described in the Qualified Written Material as the Scriptures (the written and spoken words of L. Ron Hubbard on Scientology and Dianetics) or any technology, copyright, trademark or service mark held by RTC, CSI, CST, any publications organization (described in paragraph C.3 above), the Estate of L. Ron Hubbard or Author’s Family Trust B, is a Scientology-related entity.”


  2. All I know is that I want my son back. Stop the Disconnection policy; stop declaring good people Suppressive. I happen to be a good person.


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