Scientology Response In Nepal 4

Volunteer Ministers Mike Savas and Max McDonald appear to have split from the Mexican rescue workers Los Topos, and are traveling with a non-Scientology Canadian canine rescue team, and Dutch search and rescue workers. They are distributing their groceries to villagers along the way – one can or candy bar at a time. This is not a high volume food assistance effort.

Heading into the mountains….just got word that there is still a 2 year old buried. Feeding locals on the way up…these folk have yet to see any aid. Not an easy road to get here. Luckily, we have the volunteer Canadian dog rescue team on our side.

That is fortunate, since Savas and McDonald are not rescue workers, or medically trained. They would be unable to help anybody without the other members of their party.

Slept on top of a truck…had to watch out for tigers…base camp set up in the Himalayas…trying to get past the blocked roads into villages. Supplies in hand.

#Dutch #USAR #SearchandReascue team member taking in the incredible views looking out towards the #Himalayas while we wait for the #Nepal #Army to organise the next village to cover. This waiting is getting frustrating.

We just got tipped off that a 2 year old is buried in the rubble on the horizon. After a 45 minute drive vertically up the Himalayans, the rescue team is on site. You can hear the rescue dogs in the distance. Fingers crossed they’re still alive.

A new team of Volunteer Ministers has entered Nepal. Meet Serbian Scientologist ‎Igor Kovic, a music teacher who is currently living in Taiwan. He and his team have set up a yellow tent in Kathmandu, and are performing touch assists for local residents, and training them to be Volunteer Ministers themselves.

Nepalese Volunteer Ministers Tikla Dipen Karki and “Rahul KC” have shed their yellow shirts, and are now wearing Boy Scout uniforms as they clear rubble from the streets in Kathmandu by hand.


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