Scientology Response in Nepal 3

Shannon Barnes has joined the Los Topos, Savas and McDonald group, and provided these photos of the underground rescue team as they prepare to move from Kathmandu Northeast to the province of Sindhuplanchok.

UN meeting this morning to coordinate the teams from all over the world. We have joined up with Firefighters Without Borders from Spain and a K-9 team from Canada and we are going to a village 4 hours out of Kathmandu that has not had relief yet. In addition to the search and rescue, we are bringing food and clean drinking water.

Calling this bus “full” would be an understatement. Max and I will likely not have service for the next 24-48 hours. No knowing of how long we will be in the outskirts.

Our new favorite girls. They are living under a tarp with 25 other people…tonight, their dinner was on you folk.

So far it has been difficult to recruit 100 VMs to travel to Nepal.

The post below is translated by Google from German, and contains a number of key points. The IAS approved 100 VMs to be sent to Nepal, but as we see above that may be a problem. Los Topos are considered VMs by Scientology, although they are not Scientologists, and we very much doubt they will be doing touch assists during their stay. Their goal is to help 20,000 people over several months. They intend to train more people to be VMs in Nepal. There is some disagreement about whether there are 14 or 16 Los Topos in Nepal.

On April 25, was rocked by a massive earthquake Nepal. The International Association of Scientologists (IAS) approved immediate support and assistance in the disaster area.

Situation: On April 25, an earthquake of magnitude 7.8 hit Nepal. This was the strongest earthquake in 80 years in this area of ​​the world. For comparison, this earthquake was stronger than that in Haiti in 2010, which had the strength of 7.0. The death toll stands at over 4,000 and growing daily. People are buried under the collapsed buildings. Major roads have been destroyed. There is no electricity or water and the people remain on the streets and in places outdoors because it is not safe in the buildings.

On Sunday 26 April an IAS funding was approved – for immediate disaster relief to send teams of Scientology Volunteer Ministers to Nepal.

The main purpose of the funds is to defray the cost of 100 Volunteer Ministers. This includes: food, accommodation, equipment, transportation, etc. To send rescue specialists immediately after Nepal, which are needed there urgently. This includes 14 “Los Topos” of Mexico. The term Los topos comes from the word mole and is a team of world-renowned search and rescue specialists from Mexico, which are designed as a Scientology Volunteer Ministers. Your team also includes paramedics.

Expected results: Effective assistance should be given at least 20,000 people in Nepal over the next month. The 100 Volunteer Ministers are in addition to direct aid, other groups of Volunteer Minister training to increase the number of team members there massively.

Tikla Dipen Karki and “Rahul KC” are the Nepalese Volunteer Ministers. They provided these photos of a VM tent set up outside a ruined building, but there is no indication of what they are doing there. They are not trained medical specialists, there are no tables visible for touch assists, and it doesn’t appear to be a kitchen.


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