Scientology Response In Nepal 2

We haven’t seen news that Shannon Barnes has arrived yet in Nepal, but there are at least two Volunteer Ministers in the country. Meet Mike Savas (yellow shirt) and Max McDonald (upper right). They arrived in Kathmandu with some supplies, and provided some photos of their trip.

We’re not sure what these bags contain, but it can’t be more than token assistance. Any help is better than none, but implications that the volunteers are bringing significant amounts of aid materials is not in evidence so far. Instead, they are buying canned supplies in the local supermarket to bring to people in need.

Day 1 in Nepal was interesting. We are staying in the heart of Kathmandu and will be assisting the local Volunteer Ministers organization in several disaster zones. Apparently, we’ll be working alongside local law enforcement agencies in cleanup, food distribution, aerial footage, and disaster assessment.

In the city, spirits are high. There is plenty of food, water, and life is going on as normal. Only when you talk to the people do you learn what they’re feeling. We have people running up to us telling us their stories. One woman was laughing her head off at the fact that her house crumbled and she had to carry her children out of the house naked to save their lives. When asked why she was laughing about it, she said, what else am I suppose to do? I have nothing. I can do nothing.

We’ll be getting into the thick of things today, but in the meantime, we have set up a donation campaign where we’ll be donating all the $ to local causes. If you know Max Rantz McDonald and I, you know we will make good use of the money.

I’m personally asking everyone who wants to get involved to donate one day’s salary to the cause. It doesn’t need to go to us, but send it somewhere. Whatever you make in one day, spend that day working for the victims here, and donate it. Trust me, you’ll feel better about yourself. Donate here:

That site has raised $6,541 so far out of a goal of $10,000. We think the yellow tent in the photo below is a coincidence, but it could be a Scientology VM tent.

Savas and McDonald are traveling with 16 members of Los Topos, or “The Moles,” volunteers from Mexico who are highly trained in underground rescue techniques. These photos show their work in the collapsed buildings of Kathmandu.

Day 2 in Nepal was eye opening. We canvassed the city visiting several different disaster sites. Some blocks are in normal shape, while others are completely empty. Those that used to be bustling streets are now ghost towns. You can see children’s shoes in the dirt and remnants of blood on collapsed pieces of wood and brick. While you have a strong urge to jump into the half collapsed buildings and start digging, you realize that it’s not safe and begin to feel helpless. Luckily, our search and rescue team with 16 members from different countries arrived in the late afternoon who operate in these settings year round. If you ever saw a troop of bad ass new age latin Cowboys, these would be them. Their 2 leaders are an older gentleman that reminds me of the most interesting man in the world and a Mexican lady that I can only equate to superwoman; Super sweet when not on the job, but the moment she’s on site, she’s the first one I and calling all the shots.

In 24 hours, we raised $3500. With just $400, we were able to buy food for about 100 people. That’s $1 per person!

Plans change here at a moments notice and decisions are very impulsive. Apparently, we are staying in the city today still going on search and rescue missions as they are STILL finding people who are alive! The Volunteer Ministers are meeting with the UN today to find out where our efforts can be best utilized, and we are still working on getting permission to land a chartered 747 with medical supplies and gear from the states. Standby for more details on this!

While the 747 is being prepared, they are posting photos of the sad state of Kathmandu.

You can smell the bodies. 5 story houses leveled down to 2.

South Coast Mission in Lake Forest, California is trying to help with disaster relief. However, they are going about it exactly the wrong way, by collecting supplies in California that they will try to transport to Nepal. We hope for the sake of the earthquake victims that this is not the source of the 747 of supplies mentioned above.

Following Saturday’s deadly 7.8 earthquake in Nepal, thousands are still believed trapped beneath debris from collapsed buildings, houses and monuments.

The death toll in the Nepal temblor has climbed to over 5,000, with tens of thousands injured and thousands more unaccounted for, including children and babies. The full extent of the devastation is still unknown.

This is the time to UNITE and help the people in Nepal. We are part of an organized Volunteer Organization who is already in Nepal doing whatever it takes to save as much lives as possible.

We CAN do something about it!!!

They are asking for donations (Chase 1853440013 or credit card) or the following things that we will start collecting in the Mission:

– Tents
– Clothes (all sizes)
– Canned food

We need your help! For more information contact Oriana at 949-300-7461


Scientology has posted the same images we have, but with a much different narrative. Very little of this posting appears to be true.

Over 100 Scientology Volunteer Ministers are distributing food and water in Kathmandu where tens of thousands are sleeping in makeshift camps on the street in the wake of the 7.8 magnitude 25 April earthquake. The death toll has topped 5,000 and many more thousands are injured. And entire regions outside the nation’s capital are inaccessible with no estimate of the casualties.

“In Kathmandu, old settlement areas such as Gongobu, Basantapur, Thamel, Nardevi, and Jhochhen have suffered major damages,” says one of the Nepalese Volunteer Ministers. “Historical monuments such as Dharhara, Basantapur Durbar Square and Patan Durbar Square have been completely destroyed. The most important need right now is tents, food and medical assistance.”

Ministers from Bali have joined the Kathmandu volunteers. The 16-man Los Topos search and rescue team who left from Ecuador and Mexico have now landed while additional teams are en route from Pakistan, India, Taiwan and Australia including two nurses and four doctors.


3 thoughts on “Scientology Response In Nepal 2

  1. I DISLIKED THEY WAY THEY INCLUDED themselves as the rescue crew. “luckily our search and rescue crew.” Bull Doo Doo. they are not trained in search and rescue; they are just shills for the cult.


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