Scientology Response In Nepal

WARNING: This post contains graphic content.

The tragic earthquake in Nepal has left many Scientology watchers wondering when and where the Volunteer Ministers will make their appearance, and if they will help the relief effort or get in the way with a “touch assist” tent.

We reported on Monday that Shannon Barnes, an Emergency Medical Technician as well as a Volunteer Minister, was heading to Nepal, and that a Gofundme page was established to pay some bills while he is there. Today that page has raised $1,060 out of a goal of $5,000.

The researchers at reported that Barnes is a former Sea Org member, and has survived a suicide attempt while at Gold base near Hemet, California.

Shannon drives a Jet Ski recklessly into concrete side of lake going 50 MPH destroying Jet Ski and almost killing himself and a passenger. After recovering and deciding that he was not good enough to be at Gold, drinks large bottle of bleach. Survives suicide attempt but it was confirmed that he was not good enough for Gold and he was sent to LA to work in PAC.

Yesterday, Scientologist Cary Goulston put out a call for 100 Volunteer Ministers to go to Nepal. Goulston has spent years visiting many parts of the world to create new Scientology groups.

Dear Friends,

My friend in Nepal wrote to me after they had a devastating earthquake of over 9.0 Help is needed over there. Please read the letter I got from Bijay explaining what it is like in Nepal right now. Let me know if you want to help. I am trying to organize some aid to go to these people:

Dear Sir,
Thank you for your concern.
Situation here is more critical all hospitals are full of
patients and dead bodies over there, so terrible horrible condition in all Hospitals.Our group have started as a volunteers in different areas.
Not only Katmandu but most part of its neighboring places
are also affected by this earthquake. In news we are hearing
there is not a single houses are remaining in some places.
But we are inside Katmandu valley,so haven’t seen any
conditions in other places than in Katmandu. Katmandu is valley and is capital of Nepal.
Sir as I heard to Secretary of Ministry of Economic,he was
telling only problem we have to face is resources but not
money as being poor country many countries are showing their help towards us. India have sent about 10 helicopters for rescue along with team of 50 doctors and food and tons and tons of Medicine and Pakistan and China along with US AID is probably sending rescue team and food and other help so hope food water problem will not exist if Earthquake will not continue as it is not stopping till now.
Next thing we are doing our best from our sides to serve those who have directly affected by this . Sir as time have cometo serve our humanity, your thoughts will work as a support to my team and as we are trying to get in contact with Binod also to continue our work to Serve our mankind.

His posts received only one reply of an offer to travel to Nepal, but that didn’t stop today’s blog post from the Volunteer Ministers, Scientology Volunteer Ministers to Send 100 Volunteers to Nepal to Aid in Earthquake Disaster Rescue and Response.

The Church of Scientology Volunteer Ministers are immediately dispatching a group of 16 members of the Mexico-based search-and-rescue team Los Topos to Nepal to comb through the rubble for survivors and assist in the relief effort following Saturday’s deadly 7.8 earthquake. Thousands are still believed trapped beneath debris from collapsed buildings, houses and monuments.

Scientology’s Disaster Response Unit is seeking medically-trained Scientology Volunteer Ministers—doctors, nurses and EMTs available to travel to the disaster zone. Those interested should contact the Scientology Disaster Response Coordinator at, who will arrange their flights and in-country plan.

The death toll in the Nepal temblor has climbed to over 5,000, with tens of thousands injured and thousands more unaccounted for. The full extent of the devastation is still unknown. The meager resources at hospitals in Kathmandu and elsewhere are strained beyond their limit and in desperate need of help.

Local Volunteer Ministers headquartered at the Church of Scientology Mission of Kathmandu at Old Baneshwor, Bhimsengola, Prayag Ghat, Prayag Galli, Ward 9 are distributing supplies, providing first aid and helping survivors with Scientology assists—Scientology processes that help speed healing and reduce trauma and stress. They will be joined by Volunteer Ministers from India and other nearby countries as well as a team of experienced VMs traveling from Australia.

Created by Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard in the mid-1970s, the Volunteer Minister program is a broad initiative bringing effective physical and spiritual assistance to anyone, anywhere.

For more information on the Volunteer Ministers program, visit:

The headline announcing the arrival of 100 VMs in Nepal and the body of the article naming 16 Los Topos are at odds. Los Topos, or the Brigada Internacional de Rescate Tlatelolco-Azteca A.C., are a volunteer group specializing in underground recovery, mine collapses and the like. As we reported in March, Los Topos “The Moles” visited the Ideal Org of Mexico City for an awards presentation.

We think an average reader would assume that the photos on the VM blog article depict Scientologists in action, or at least Los Topos. They are not.

This photo has been lifted without attribution from Agence France Presse.

This image is currently on the main page of the web site, attributed to Krish Dulal.

This image was lifted without attribution from a Bangladesh news site.

And finally another Agence France Presse photo.

None of the photos on the VM blog depict Scientologists in action in Nepal.

Scientology does have a mission in Kathmandu, and an unnamed Scientologist acting as “The Way To Happiness Nepal” says:

We are meant for creating Happy faces all around!!!Humanity is not over yet and doing our best efforts for serving mankind…So our team is likely to head towards Gorkha(Region Where Epicenter was measured)…So some helping hands to these helpless people will be much more mattering at the moment…So plz if some one is willing to help and have not found any helping hands to be there…do contact @+977-9849059315,9818518338 1)Food
5) Masks matters much more…

Tikla Dipen Karki and “Rahul KC” are the Youth For Human Rights representatives in Khathmandu. They have posted photos of the destruction, but none yet of their relief efforts. We don’t know that they have any medical or rescue training, so it seems likely they are limited in the help they can provide.

Some of the TRAGEDIC picture that i took when YOUTH FOR HUMAN RIGHTS NEPAL team were helping in EARTH QUAKE DISASTER AREA. The suitation here was very terrible, YHR Nepal team is giving thier best efforts to help in these areas. Thank you all the team member see you all at 7 AM toady.

We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates. Disaster relief agencies universally recommend donating money to an established NGO rather than sending supplies or flying to disaster sites to volunteer for relief work.


Over on the Ex-Scientologist Message Board, user “Lord Xenu” has posted an email from Scientology to raise funds for the IAS effort on earthquake relief in Nepal.


Following has come in yesterday from Bijay Babu, a Scientologist in Nepal:

Hello friends…me Bijay Babu,Scientologist From Nepal we are here in terrible horrible conditions due to earthquake, so we are here in need of some support throughout the world, and from Scientologists, So if you can help us by VM rescue force we would be pleased with you all!!! Pleased share this messages to your friends…if they could help through some assist or VM team

Situation here is more critical all hospitals are full of patients and dead bodies over there, so terrible horrible condition in all Hospitals. Our group have started as a volunteers in different areas. And I am sorry to inform the person with whom I did practice of Self Analysis before a week is missing. Hope he is alive.
Not only Katmandu but most part of its neighboring places are also affected by this earthquake. In news we are hearing there is not a single houses are remaining in some places.
But we are inside Katmandu valley,so haven’t seen any conditions in other places than in Katmandu. Katmandu is valley and is capital of Nepal.
Next thing we are doing our best from our sides to serve those who have directly affected by this . Sir as time have cometo serve our humanity, your thoughts will work as a support to my team and as we are trying to get in contact with Binod also to continue our work to Serve our mankind.


We need people to answer this call for help right now. People are still stuck under the rubble so time is of the essence. We need Volunteer Ministers who can and want to go out there. If you cannot go, then we ask you to do a meaningful donation to the IAS so that the approved grant can be paid out and so that we can send 100 VMs out there to help those in need.

If you want to go send an e-mail to or to

You donations go to in the comment box write for Nepal disaster relief c/o I HELP UK

ml, Ann

Scientology Volunteer Ministers In Bosnia And Herzegovina

The Volunteer Ministers tent will be open at the Mercator shopping center in city of Tuzla, in Bosnia and Herzogovina through May 21st. Volunteers at the tent distribute free literature, sell Dianetics and other books, and demonstrate “touch assists” to cure passers-by of any pain they have. Translation by Google:

Scientologists are visit to Tuzla where they held an exhibition in order to present, what we believe to be a practical method of helping yourself, family and friends, and bring peace and confidence among people.

“Yellow tent good will” set up yesterday on the plateau of the former Mercator center in Tuzla, and will remain open to visitors from 26 April to 21 May.

“I Feel That Super Power Is A Pre-requisite To Living On Planet Earth” – Super Power Wins

Friday graduation at Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida means success stories from Scientologists on Super Power and Cause Resurgence courses.

I have been a cornerstone member for 8 years. About all I knew of Super Power for most of the last 8 years was the very idea of a life changing rundown, and of course the idea of drilling perceptics. Practically all I knew was that I definitely wanted to do those!

As I started the set ups to Super Power and dove in to Repair of Past Ethics Conditions I had a life changing win discovering I had been stuck in a low condition and handling it. This cycle alone is immensely valuable.

As I started the auditing, I was discovering and winning more and more such that I now felt that the perceptic drills could not be anything in comparison. What could top this?

Then, I stepped into my first day doing perceptic drills. My awareness opened, I had so much energy and so much fun in this Thetan playgound. These are the perfect closure to Super Power. The drills really rehabilitate you as a thetan.

So here I am, a product. I am aware. My flows are opened up in all directions.

I feel that Super Power is a pre-requisite to living on planet earth. Without it, one would miss so much of what is going on around them. With it, you are aware of your power and position ability so that you can truly interact with the universe and make it better.

I have unleashed my super power as a being.

The rundowns on this action were absolutely — each one of them — utterly MIND BLOWING.

I am stable, able to hold my position in space while maintaining ARC. I am unshakeable in certainty, able to think, perceive, decide, be cause, study. In short, NOTHING is holding me back now.

Power requires a stable position. I am that stable position.

Every Scientologist should do this rundown. Every one of us. It is beyond words, beyond explanation. It is SO powerful.

I would like to thank my fantastic and wonderful auditor, from the very bottom of my heart for the uptone, theta, fun, life-changing auditing we did on this rundown. The C/Sing was SO good. I am so grateful to the way my comms and originations were handled, how I was granted beingness and listened to, cared for. The D of Ps and the entire HGC 9 team was such a wonderful, uptone team to work with. I am looking forward to doing more auditing with them.

This rundown unleashes the Super Power of a thetan. Undeniably. And I am now that Super Power.

I am SO stable. And so calm about it, too.

I know that I am Cause.

Super Power was extraordinary and beyond my wildest dreams!!

I was told by many others that it was the best auditing they had ever done. Well now I know why. It was absolutely the best auditing I have ever done and immensely enjoyable.

Super Power addressed various aspects of my case that were sitting there waiting to be handled but somehow had not. I have never felt so much ARC for myself and my dynamics. I have never felt so much affinity for myself and others; my reality on who I am, why I’m here and how I can help shot way up into the air and across the galaxy, touching all my dynamics.

I am an ethical, super high intentioned being that can help in many ways.

I have regained my ability to postulate and ability to see the future.

What I know is that we will make things go right in the here and now, that will effect all futures to come.

Thanks to Super Power!!

I give my deepest thanks to LRH for this incredible gift. Thanks to Flag and the Sea Org for all that you do and have done for us!

I have already written so many successes and I’m sure I still haven’t covered all the wins, gains and amazing differences I have gotten from this Rundown!!!

Difference is the key word. I don’t think I have ever changed SO much from one action! But what’s amazing is it’s just ME. I’ve rid myself of soooo much stuff in my universe, most of which was there for such a long time and some so deeply implanted that I had forgotten what it was like to not have it!

My space feels open, and calm. I put out a communication or intention and it is received – and I don’t mean via the normal communication channels we are used to using in this universe. I’ve had bits of these abilities before but the ability was much more occluded and now they are nice and open and under my control to such a higher level smile emoticon I can also perceive others’ universes at such a higher degree than ever before.

The Cause Resurgence Rundown actually brought me back to me. It is hard to describe how amazing that is, but it truly is.

My love and gratitude to every Sea Org member, and to Ron for this miracle rundown!

“How We Reach Out To The Able” – John Mappin

John and Irina Mappin are the subjects of this Planetary Dissemination pamphlet for their donation to the Scientology Media Center, the former KCET studios in Los Angeles, California. They are the owners of Camelot Castle and Hotel in Tintagel, Cornwall, a medieval/Victorian theme hotel known for leaving Scientology materials in the guest rooms.

We are delighted to have had the opportunity to support Planetary dissemination.

There is something satisfying knowing that all over the world exist books and lectures in libraries, which can be picked up by someone at any time.

And at that moment, connecting that being to Source and factually salvaging that being’s life.
I picked up a book from a shelf one day in 1990 and so I personally know and have great subjective reality of what just one Dianetics book can do.

Today we are on the brink of the greatest period of dissemination that our religion has ever known. The upcoming Scientology Global Media center will make Dianetics and Scientology known in all countries—and is going to create a spiritual renaissance on planet earth that can barely be imagined.

We are delighted to have helped with this.

We have always considered any actions we have taken in Scientology as a strategic investment for the future and all of the dynamics.

Investing in Planetary dissemination has certainly given us the greatest possible pleasure and I believe will prove to be the greatest and most leveraged investment that we have ever made.

For in truth, we have not even begun to see a fraction of the returns that will, by the universal laws of exchange, materialize.

It is how we reach out to the able.

Scientology Volunteer Minister And EMT Shannon Barnes Going To Nepal

Scientologist Shannon Barnes is heading to Nepal to help with the earthquake relief effort. In addition to being a Volunteer Minister, he is a trained Emergency Medical Technician. Scientologists have set up a Gofundme page to help him with expenses while he works in Nepal.

He has decided to fly out early this coming week (Monday or Tuesday, 27th or 28th) to immediately get on the ground and start doing everything he can do to help. He plans to be there for at least a month.

He needs our help to make sure that his personal finances and such are handled while he is gone. We have over estimated the amount needed, the more we can raise the longer he can stay. We do not want him to worry about a pocketbook when he is out saving lives.