Happy House Fundraiser – Nancy Cartwright

We have a question about Happy House, a charity formed and operated by Simpsons star Nancy Cartwright. Is there an actual Happy House, or not? The web site is deliberately vague, as are the IRS form 990s that we have reviewed.

This is the address on the IRS forms: 750 Fairmount Ave., Suite 100, Glendale, CA. The forms also state the Happy House runs “Good Choices Program helps children with after school programs. The course is designed to help children make better choices and positively influence their environment.” The address is actually the address of Wiseman & Burke, a financial management services company. Bruce Wiseman and Kevin Burke are well known and influential Scientologists. So there are no after school programs being conduced at this location.

This is the address on the Happy House web site, 9420 Reseda Boulevard, #572, Northridge, CA. It’s a “Pak & Ship All” UPS store. Again, no after school program. So where is Happy House? If anybody knows, drop us a line at SecCheck8@gmail.com.

What we do know is that it’s a Scientology group.

We use the 21 common sense values found the The Way to Happiness as a base. … The values and suggestions found in The Way to Happiness will be familiar to most of you, like old friends. As you read them, you will almost certainly think of someone who would be better off if they applied these values in their lives.

So on May 30th, somewhere in Northridge, CA, there will be a poker tournament fundraiser for Happy House, which may or may not exist as a physical house. Funds will be used to distribute The Way To Happiness, and maybe fund an after school program. The event will feature as prizes a helicopter ride with the Los Angeles Police Department Air Unit, a ride in the Goodyear Blimp, a basketball signed by Shaquille O’Neil, a basketball signed by the LA Clippers, and a chance to sit at a table reading for The Simpsons. We think it’s very odd to have a site that allows donations to be made by Paypal without any indication as to where the event will be held.

Photos from last year’s event:

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