CBTIS 116 School Welcomes Scientology – Featuring Clark Carr

Where in the world is Clark Carr? That’s the question Scientology watchers have been asking since Scientology shut down the Narconon International headquarters in Los Angeles. As reported in The Underground Bunker on February 9th, writer and journalist Mark Ebner received a tip that the Narconon building at 4652 Hollywood Boulevard was being emptied, leaving some souvenirs and documents behind. But the question about where the staff has gone was unanswered until today.

The CBIT 116 School (Centro de Bachillerato Tecnológico Industrial y de Servicio) at Alejandro Humboldt Sn, Nueva Tijuana, 22435 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico received a visit yesterday from Narconon Tijuana staff member Angelyna Medina and Narconon International President Clark Carr, to present Scientology’s theories on drug use, abuse and addiction. Is Carr on staff at Narconon Tijuana? If you know, please drop us a line at seccheck8@gmail.com

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