“I Feel That Super Power Is A Pre-requisite To Living On Planet Earth” – Super Power Wins

Friday graduation at Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida means success stories from Scientologists on Super Power and Cause Resurgence courses.

I have been a cornerstone member for 8 years. About all I knew of Super Power for most of the last 8 years was the very idea of a life changing rundown, and of course the idea of drilling perceptics. Practically all I knew was that I definitely wanted to do those!

As I started the set ups to Super Power and dove in to Repair of Past Ethics Conditions I had a life changing win discovering I had been stuck in a low condition and handling it. This cycle alone is immensely valuable.

As I started the auditing, I was discovering and winning more and more such that I now felt that the perceptic drills could not be anything in comparison. What could top this?

Then, I stepped into my first day doing perceptic drills. My awareness opened, I had so much energy and so much fun in this Thetan playgound. These are the perfect closure to Super Power. The drills really rehabilitate you as a thetan.

So here I am, a product. I am aware. My flows are opened up in all directions.

I feel that Super Power is a pre-requisite to living on planet earth. Without it, one would miss so much of what is going on around them. With it, you are aware of your power and position ability so that you can truly interact with the universe and make it better.

I have unleashed my super power as a being.

The rundowns on this action were absolutely — each one of them — utterly MIND BLOWING.

I am stable, able to hold my position in space while maintaining ARC. I am unshakeable in certainty, able to think, perceive, decide, be cause, study. In short, NOTHING is holding me back now.

Power requires a stable position. I am that stable position.

Every Scientologist should do this rundown. Every one of us. It is beyond words, beyond explanation. It is SO powerful.

I would like to thank my fantastic and wonderful auditor, from the very bottom of my heart for the uptone, theta, fun, life-changing auditing we did on this rundown. The C/Sing was SO good. I am so grateful to the way my comms and originations were handled, how I was granted beingness and listened to, cared for. The D of Ps and the entire HGC 9 team was such a wonderful, uptone team to work with. I am looking forward to doing more auditing with them.

This rundown unleashes the Super Power of a thetan. Undeniably. And I am now that Super Power.

I am SO stable. And so calm about it, too.

I know that I am Cause.

Super Power was extraordinary and beyond my wildest dreams!!

I was told by many others that it was the best auditing they had ever done. Well now I know why. It was absolutely the best auditing I have ever done and immensely enjoyable.

Super Power addressed various aspects of my case that were sitting there waiting to be handled but somehow had not. I have never felt so much ARC for myself and my dynamics. I have never felt so much affinity for myself and others; my reality on who I am, why I’m here and how I can help shot way up into the air and across the galaxy, touching all my dynamics.

I am an ethical, super high intentioned being that can help in many ways.

I have regained my ability to postulate and ability to see the future.

What I know is that we will make things go right in the here and now, that will effect all futures to come.

Thanks to Super Power!!

I give my deepest thanks to LRH for this incredible gift. Thanks to Flag and the Sea Org for all that you do and have done for us!

I have already written so many successes and I’m sure I still haven’t covered all the wins, gains and amazing differences I have gotten from this Rundown!!!

Difference is the key word. I don’t think I have ever changed SO much from one action! But what’s amazing is it’s just ME. I’ve rid myself of soooo much stuff in my universe, most of which was there for such a long time and some so deeply implanted that I had forgotten what it was like to not have it!

My space feels open, and calm. I put out a communication or intention and it is received – and I don’t mean via the normal communication channels we are used to using in this universe. I’ve had bits of these abilities before but the ability was much more occluded and now they are nice and open and under my control to such a higher level smile emoticon I can also perceive others’ universes at such a higher degree than ever before.

The Cause Resurgence Rundown actually brought me back to me. It is hard to describe how amazing that is, but it truly is.

My love and gratitude to every Sea Org member, and to Ron for this miracle rundown!


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