Scientology Volunteer Minister And EMT Shannon Barnes Going To Nepal

Scientologist Shannon Barnes is heading to Nepal to help with the earthquake relief effort. In addition to being a Volunteer Minister, he is a trained Emergency Medical Technician. Scientologists have set up a Gofundme page to help him with expenses while he works in Nepal.

He has decided to fly out early this coming week (Monday or Tuesday, 27th or 28th) to immediately get on the ground and start doing everything he can do to help. He plans to be there for at least a month.

He needs our help to make sure that his personal finances and such are handled while he is gone. We have over estimated the amount needed, the more we can raise the longer he can stay. We do not want him to worry about a pocketbook when he is out saving lives.


4 thoughts on “Scientology Volunteer Minister And EMT Shannon Barnes Going To Nepal

  1. Can you tell whoever is in-charge of this scientology thing, whatever it is (sounds like a pseudo-religion or something, about which I cannot even care if I tried to, like it’s practically impossible for me since it’s irrelevant to my business), to make the shopkeepers stop selling fake cigarettes up here in kathmandu? I’m going to carry samples over to the authorities, or UN, or wherever else I might need to.

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