“How We Reach Out To The Able” – John Mappin

John and Irina Mappin are the subjects of this Planetary Dissemination pamphlet for their donation to the Scientology Media Center, the former KCET studios in Los Angeles, California. They are the owners of Camelot Castle and Hotel in Tintagel, Cornwall, a medieval/Victorian theme hotel known for leaving Scientology materials in the guest rooms.

We are delighted to have had the opportunity to support Planetary dissemination.

There is something satisfying knowing that all over the world exist books and lectures in libraries, which can be picked up by someone at any time.

And at that moment, connecting that being to Source and factually salvaging that being’s life.
I picked up a book from a shelf one day in 1990 and so I personally know and have great subjective reality of what just one Dianetics book can do.

Today we are on the brink of the greatest period of dissemination that our religion has ever known. The upcoming Scientology Global Media center will make Dianetics and Scientology known in all countries—and is going to create a spiritual renaissance on planet earth that can barely be imagined.

We are delighted to have helped with this.

We have always considered any actions we have taken in Scientology as a strategic investment for the future and all of the dynamics.

Investing in Planetary dissemination has certainly given us the greatest possible pleasure and I believe will prove to be the greatest and most leveraged investment that we have ever made.

For in truth, we have not even begun to see a fraction of the returns that will, by the universal laws of exchange, materialize.

It is how we reach out to the able.


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