Scientology’s New Android App

Scientology India has produced a new Android smartphone app, called “Scientology,” available on Google Play. So far, Google reports between five and ten people have installed it.

Welcome to the Age of Answers!
Founded by L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology is a system through which one can overcome the daily problems of life’s various aspects such as Marriage, Relationships, Parenting, Studies, Work etc
One can do so with the study of Scientology Materials or one can take part in Scientology Auditing which is a form of advanced spiritual counseling.
Download the application to:
• Learn more about Scientology
• Connect with Scientology New Delhi center
• Browse Scientology materials and courses offered
• Request to buy or know more about any book or course
• Take a Free Personality Test – helps you to identify your strengths and weaknesses
• Learn about latest workshops and events you can attend (Free and Paid)
• Testimonials – people expressing their experiences with Scientology and how it changed their lives

We’d love to hear from you about your experience. If you have any feedback, questions, concerns, please email us at:
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For any development related feedback or queries, please write to us at:


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