Orange County Org Supports Foundation For A Drug Free World

The Orange County Org in Santa Ana, California displays their literature from the Foundation for a Drug Free World. Executive Director Jessica Vallecilla expects to win a Freedom Medal from the IAS for her work with the Foundation.

You know what this is?! This is my order that came into the org for our Drug Free World events! In the two months that I have taken on the hat of Executive Director, we have allied with the OC Sheriff, Fullerton Police Department, been invited to participate in National Night Out, held 5 events/briefings. We have gotten our PSAs approved for broadcasting on TV. We have also booked a MAJOR event where there will be 30,000 attendees at the OC Marathon. May looks like we will have more than 10 events/briefings at this point. I know exactly what I am doing and have an amazing team here down in OC. This picture doesn’t even include the other 1,600 booklets I already have. You know what I see when I see these boxes? I see TRUTH and we are going to blow this drug lie and the problem in our zone. This is production off two months. Can’t wait to see where we are in a year!!!!!! I have my eye on a Freedom Medal. Not for the award, but because of the amount of production required. Why? Because something CAN be done about it and OC is doing it!!!!

– Jessica Vallecilla‎


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