Anti-Xenophobia Protest South Africa

Carmen Margro is the non-Scientologist who has been made Executive Director of the Foundation for a Drug Free World Africa. She has been organizing anti-drug efforts in South Africa for several years independently of Scientology. On April 27th she will march under the banner of the Scientology front group to protest recent attacks on non-South Africans. The march is being led by a the Khoisan (a minority tribe) and “colored” people. In South Africa this refers to mixed race people, usually with some European or Asian ancestry. There will probably not be any Scientologists marching under the banner of this Scientology front group.

The peaceful protests the past week is a clear indication that South Africans are Opposed to the inhumanity and violent attacks on any foreign national. We thank our communities, religious leaders and government for having staged these Anti-Xenophobia protests to try and help restore the damage these attacks have done and seriously implicated our nation and our economy.

There are reported incidents that even some South Africans were assaulted during these xenophobia attack, by those criminal elements. We have also been informed that the KhoiSan and Colored people will be staging a public protest on Freedom Day, Monday, 27th April 2015.

The gathering will start at 10am from the Wits University, Origin Center, Cnr Yale & Enoch Sontoga Avenue, Braamfontein. The marchers will proceed to hand over Memorandums to the South African Human Rights Commission and the Commission for the Promotion & Protection of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic at Braampark, in Hoofd Street, Braamfontein.

From there the protesters will head towards Constitutional Hill in Kotze Street, Braamfontein, where they have requested that the Commission for Gender Equality & The Constitutional Court receive the memorandum.

It seems that some of the concerns and challenges that the KhoiSan and Colored people are raising constitute very serious human right violations and neglect and it challenges the current Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Stay Blessed

Carmen Margro
Executive Director Drug Free World South Africa


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