Between Lives Area Lecture – Polanco Org

The Polanco Org will host a lecture on April 26th by New OT VIII and Class VI Auditor Marcos Dana on Between Lives Areas to raise money for maintenance on the org building. The most well-known lecture by L. Ron Hubbard on the topic is the Between Lives Implants lecture that is part of the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course. In it, Hubbard describes his theory that when people die they go to a station on Mars to have false memories implanted. Here he describes the station:

Now we notice that Mars doesn’t have any atmosphere either and won’t support life. In spite of the fact that it turns green and red and purple with the seasons, it doesn’t support life. We understand — there’s lots of things we understand about this system — heh-heh! Isn’t it? But this is a carefully maintained station. And a space-opera, meat-body type society maintains it very carefully. They have a hospital, there’s space craft hanging around there, dispatcher stations, landing platforms, this type of thing. It’s all highly civilized, but they carefully maintain this one. And it’s very interesting, they maintain this one. They’ve maintained it for thousands of years without any change.

The complete Saint Hill Special Briefing Course is available on Wikileaks.


One thought on “Between Lives Area Lecture – Polanco Org

  1. That Elron…what a yarn spinner. Gotta give him one thing though…his timing was impeccable. Anyone trying to spin this kind of space opera nonsense today would be viewed as delusional…no wonder the church keeps this kind of stuff under wraps until a thetan is well invested in the woo.


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