Ideal Orgs Being Planned For LATAM

We’ll present this list in Spanish and English (Google translation). We believe the points represent donations from Ideal Org committees in the Latin American (LATAM) Continent to the planned Costa Rica Ideal Org. We have reported previously on most of these, but this is the first time we have heard of an Ideal Org planned for Mérida, Sao Paulo, Lima or Rio de Janeiro.

Our prediction for Ideal Orgs in LATAM – Bogota to open in late 2015, ODD in 2016, which will be a “paint and new carpet” Ideal Org rather than renovating a new building. We don’t see any good Ideal Org candidates after that.

Enterate en qué lugar quedó COSTA RICA!!! Y cómo vamos en acumulativo! Las fotos del evento fueron enviadas a todas las ligas!! Evento legendario… Unete al Comité OT y sé parte de este movimiento… POR UN COSTA RICA Y CENTROAMEICA IDEAL!
(acumulativo desde el 12 de marzo)
¡La semana pasada Costa Rica tuvo un gran evento!
¡Esa es la acción exitosa y las fotos de sus eventos se publicarán en estas posiciones del juego!
1er Lugar – COSTA RICA 33,643 puntos
2o Lugar – QUITO, ECUADOR 17,320 puntos
3er Lugar – SANTIAGO, CHILE 7,360 puntos
4° Lugar – MÉRIDA, YUCATÁN 4,660 puntos
5° Lugar – MONTERREY, MÉXICO 2,666 puntos
6° Lugar – SAO PAULO, BRASIL 2,122 puntos
7° Lugar – LIMA, PERÚ 100 puntos
8° Lugar – RIO, BRASIL 0 puntos

Sort on where it was COSTA RICA !!! And how are we going to cumulative! Photos from the event were sent to all leagues !! Legendary event … Join the OT Committee and be part of this movement … BY COSTA RICA AND IDEAL CENTROAMEICA!
(cumulative since March 12)
Last week Costa Rica was a great event!
That is the successful action and photos of their events will be posted on these positions the game!
1st Place – COSTA RICA 33,643 points
2nd Place – QUITO, ECUADOR 17,320 points
3rd Place – SANTIAGO, CHILE 7,360 points
4th Place – MERIDA, YUCATAN 4,660 points
5th Place – MONTERREY, MEXICO 2,666 points
6th Place – SAO PAULO, BRAZIL 2,122 points
7th Place – LIMA, PERU 100 points
8th Place – RIO, BRAZIL 0 points


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