Friday Flag Graduation Stats And Success Stories

We made 7 Clears, 5 OTVII this week. We are above of 1600 who done Super Power, this week was completed 24, and 184 individual Super Power RD was delivered.

Every unwanted thought that I ever had about anyone, including myself, was totally handled before I completed the second rundown of Super Power. You probably just got to do it to believe that so much can be handled so quickly. It is like driving a brand new Lincoln Mark IV up the Bridge while everyone else, not having done Super Power, is trudging through the mud.

Objectives handle your attention units that have been splattered all over the universe and brings them up into present time. Step 3 of Super Power takes units of life, actual pieces of you, that were so dead that those parts of you were lost to complete oblivion eons ago, and restores those pieces back to you in full revitalized force.

Super Power cut all the lines that were connecting my case to me. I am no longer being run by my case. Now I have my case parked over where it does not interfere with me and where I can easily handle it whenever I choose to handle it.

On some of the last several Steps of Super Power I got introduced to the 7th Dynamic. I thought I knew what the 7th dynamic was but really had no idea. Now I got a glimpse into how Edgar Cayce was able to predict the future, how Einstein discovered the Theory of Relativity and how geniuses become genius. I am not saying I can now operate at these states but it has opened up entirely new vistas of possibilities that were totally shut off to me before Super Power.

I was expecting a lot from Super Power. I mean that is a rather audacious sounding name to give any rundown. But I have never known LRH to overstate anything so that is why I was expecting so much. I can tell you that before I was one third of the way through, it had far exceeded my wildest expectations.


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