A Family Should Have A Family Doctor They Trust, Preferably A Scientologist

A Survival Rundown Success Story:

Confession and WIN!! I completed the theory part of SRD tonight and I start the TRs tomorrow night. I just have an urgent desire to share this with this group. I read a datum tonight that helped me realize that all the mishaps, accidents and unwanted experiences have been due to my lack of personal ethics, unawareness, non confront, neglect, ignorance and plain stupidity.

During the Purification rundown I saw how the body, clearly a genetic entity has its own track and the thetan another. The confession I have is I neglected to address a physical condition one of my Dear daughters had since birth and I am lucky enough she is still alive to handle it now. I never took her to a specialist to find out about her lack of energy, she would not do sports, and I would write letters to her PE teacher to excuse her from PE instead of taking her to do some blood tests to find out what was going on in her body. I have no excuse or justification honestly.

I take full responsibility for this neglect and see the value of gaining awareness to do Scientology for the Thetan and have the professionals of the body handle the body. I did handle their teeth on both my girls, but obvious problems like anemia and lack of energy on one of them I just never confronted it, I just thought it was her beingness. I was very wrong. A family should have a family Dr. they trust, preferably a Scientologist, a Dentist to handle the teeth, an Optometrist for the eyes, and so on. Scientology for spiritual freedom, awareness and regained abilities as a Thetan. Thetan, body & mind a holistic view point I have clear now. Without a body there is no life in the physical universe in this planet. So the body has certain needs and wants of nutrition, water, exercise, vitamins, rest, to have KRC of all related to the body is vital for me now.

I had a very huge misunderstanding with this and it could have cost my Daughter’s life. But she is and always be a very powerful thetan and found a Naturopathic Scientologist Doctor that will give her all the KRC she needs to handle her condition.

I hope with my sharing I help someone that reads it. That is my intention with sharing it. Love you guys!!! I am in for a treat I know!!! My twin is a young man that I met tonight and already love!! We will help each other through.

I need a Specialist in the area of San Jose California for hormones. To do a whole panel of blood test to verify my body condition in PT. Please recommend one for me.


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