“Big Shoulders” Scientologists Hold Chicago Ideal Org Fundraiser

Update: New information confirms that this event is not new, but was held in 2008. Sec Check regrets the error.

Last night the Chicago Org held a fundraiser at the Chicago Center For The Performing Arts. This chart shows their progress in each donation level towards their Ideal Org. We think the empty boxes represent their goal in order to complete the project. So we counted the boxes to see how they are doing.

New Civilization Builder – $1,000,000 3 out of 4
Silver Humanitarian – $250,000 2 out of 6
Humanitarian With Honors – $150,000 1 out of 8
Humanitarian – $100,000 7 out of 10
Guarantor – $75,000 2 out of 12
Premier Benefactor – $50,000 13 out of 15
Benefactor – $35,000 7 out of 16
Lake Shore Leader – $25,000 5 out of 19
Second City Saviour – $10,000 23 out of 38
Third Coast Crusader – $5,000 32 out of 38
Windy City Warrior – $1,000 81 out of 100

That’s a total of $5,991,000 raised. To fill the board would take another $5,064,000. The Artcraft building was purchased in 2007 for a reported $4,000,000, leaving almost $2,000,000 left to renovate the structure. If they really need to raise another $3,000,000 to complete the project, and have raised only $2,000,000 in the eight years since the purchase, this Ideal Org is unlikely to open in the near future.

In attendance were Dave Klarich (Cubs jersey), Jeff Hammonds (grey shirt), Tony Klarich (hat), Jamie Pantermuehl Martin (boots), Greg Weiss (ripped jeans), Jarod Pantermuehl (beard), Dan Eddington (white shirt), Dan York (black shirt), Al Born (back row on right) and Judy Born (far right).


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