Scientologist Sandra Adams – Work Without Fair Pay Is Slavery

Scientologists Sandra Adams is on a tour of Bangladesh to promote the front group Youth for Human Rights. She addressed students at the Daffodil International School in Uttara this week, and in this video tells them “One should get paid for their work, and should get paid fairly for their work. If you work 10 hours a day and I give you $50, that’s slavery.” Scientology’s Sea Org members work more than 10 hours a day, and earn less than $50. She also visited the National Human Rights Commission, below.

Aries Nafees will be working at a new Youth for Human Rights Center Bangladesh chapter.

She also gave an address at the World Literature Center in Dhaka.


5 thoughts on “Scientologist Sandra Adams – Work Without Fair Pay Is Slavery

  1. Interesting Sec check. Comparing her statement to the SO is one thing. 50 $ for 10 hours work is slavery, per this person. That is 1000$ per month working at this rate for 20 days. The annual per capita income in Bangladesh is 1190$. Per annum. Her audience earns 100 per month……..she is arrogant and naive.

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    • Yes, she must be thinking of the wages back home in Salt Lake City. The whole idea that Scientologists are experts in human rights is as absurd as the idea they are the experts in drug abuse.

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