Super Power Success Story – Fu Mei Mathers

Success stories for Super Power are getting longer and longer. Jim and Fu Mei Mathers are major Scientology donors in Clearwater, Florida.


Fu Mei Mathers, Super Power Completion

To say that Super Power helped me find me in my favorite hiding place in the deepest hole that I could possibly dig at the bottom of the ocean, a place I could NOT Be and could not HAVE and could not CONFRONT and gave back to me large chunks of my track that were occluded; would be an understatement of what SUPER POWER has done for me.

To say that Super Power helped me reverse those postulates when I decided that I was no longer worthy of help and that it was easier to confront death and failure than to see the light of life and success; would be an understatement of what SUPER POWER has done for me.

To say that Super Power pulled me out of this self-created quicksand of ignorance, where knowing less was better than knowing more, where pretending like I was dead was better than confronting the evil; would be an understatement of what SUPER POWER has done for me.

To say that on Super Power I was asked questions that I had been waiting trillions of years to be asked… Questions that unburdened me of unseen obstacles that I carefully laid out to entrap and distress me at the pinnacle of my existence; would be an understatement of what SUPER POWER has done for me.

All of these wins put together would be a more accurate statement, but, would still be an understatement of what SUPER POWER has done for me, AND that is why I am humbled and honored to announce on this day that I am a Super Power completion of Flag!!

Each session on Super Power, I climbed out from the hell that I created with the intention of never letting myself have my powers back. Because in the past, I proved to myself time after time that I could not be trusted with my true powers. But in these sessions, my perfect auditor and I went past all the armor I created to “protect” myself. My auditor snatched me from that deep dark hole that I was pretending not to be in. And assured me with my F/Ns and floating TAs that I was worthy of being saved, that I was worthy of getting back my powers, and that LRH trusted me with those powers. At the end of Super Power I realized too that I could trust myself with those powers.

This lifetime, I had the postulate to live under the radar, unnoticed. I found Scientology and I think at that moment I blipped on the radar.

For the past five years I have been helping other religions and world leaders use Scientology technology. I have helped put over 6000 people onto Dianetics, created over 1015 Hubbard Dianetics auditors, helped disseminate all aspects of Mr. Hubbard’s admin, study tech, social betterment programs and Scientology technology to thousands of people a year.

And currently we are working on a world-wide distribution of Way to Happiness books for the United Nation Day of Happiness on March 20, 2015 (last year we distributed 350,000 books in one day with 5000 volunteers in 6 continents– over 54 countries).

But, I still wanted to stay under the radar and run away.

So for me Super Power was like a big doubt formula. With the wins I have had there is no way I can remain quiet and off the radar any longer. So this is my public announcement to Planet Earth and this galaxy and, for that matter, the entire Universe.

… I AM BACK!!!!

I stand before you, a being who regained my ability to not just look, but to pervade the whole space so I am no longer tricked into just seeing what others want me to see but, instead, truly knowing what is there.
On Super Power, I became a being who no longer has any questions whether I will do what is the greatest good — not only this lifetime but for eternity.

On Super Power, I became a being who knows that being mean, invalidating, evil and hateful has no power. That being evil and hateful only makes you weaker.

On Super Power, I became a being who is competent and has her power of choice and always make sane decisions.
On Super Power, I recovered my beingness who is ethical, full of life, able to predict, brilliant, able to know and assimulate truth, logical, competent, loving, kind and compassionate with the power of all 57 perceptics who will forevermore survive and create survival actions across all my dynamics.

For on Super Power, I … simply became more of who I really am– ME.

For these wins there are many people I need to thank.

Super Power is a gift that you will reuse year after year, lifetime after lifetime to make this a reality.
To my friends who stand by me regardless of what is happening in my life, you know who you are, I thank you for being there for me and creating on our 4D projects. Special thanks to Rev Alfreddie for being such a spiritual whole track warrior.

To all Sea Org Members, you continued to see me when I chose not to see myself. You are the most elite spiritual ninjas I have ever known. I could not do what I do without you.

To my husband, thank you for making me blip on the radar screen and for continuing to have faith in me when I forget to have faith in myself. Thank you for being the happiest person, for being my inspiration and for continuing to be my best friend and companion.

To Mr. David Miscavige, I thank you for your leadership and showing us what it is like to apply Mr. Hubbard’s technology every moment of every day. We have perfect truth now. We have perfect auditors now. I stand before you a product of all your hard work. I stand before you a being with conviction and power to help mankind. At this moment, I have never been more happy or proud to call myself a Scientologist under your leadership. So, I thank you sir, for all you have done to ensure that this planet and I can create our brand new worlds and can get our superpowers restored.

To the Honorable L. Ron Hubbard, I finally understand that kindness, compassion and love are the basis of true powers. With Super Power, I have become the toughest, most compassionate and kind being. I have become someone I have always been trying to be. No words can ever communicate my appreciation for what you have done for me so I will show you through my actions. You have saved my eternity, and I thank you.


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