Help Wanted – Full Time Auditor, Los Angeles

Steve Evans


I have a fantastic opportunity in the LA area for anyone who is a trained auditor or has Div 6 or Div 2 experience. A complete turnkey group with a low overhead but upstat premises, Mark 8 meter, course room including sups, sauna, over $50,000 in book assets and a massive local CF. I have 2 groups and I have made a good living at this since 98, my one location simply needs a causative, on purpose being or two! Not only that, the team at my other location, with over 150 years of full time experience, will show you how its done! We are all making a living freeing beings! Choose your own schedule! For anyone who has wanted to audit full time, it doesn’t get any better than this. All FREE to the right person! PM me or call 310 309 9418. Overseas applicants also considered.

CF means “Central Files,” or a list of Scientologists who have done services at Evans’ facility.


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