Drug Free World Africa Welcomes Justin Timberlake

Drug Free World Africa is really just a Scientology front group led by the Director of Special Affairs for the Pretoria Org in South Africa, Maurithus Meiring. He has announced a fundraising black tie dinner event to be held on April 25th, with a photo of singer and actor Justin Timberlake featured on the invitation.

It’s TIME to get it DONE. This will be a Black Tie dinner event, Dinner will be served at the beginning of the evening. After dinner there will be a Drug Free World briefing on what the Truth about drugs program is, and what results have been attained so far. Also there will be a special presentation on how Drug Free World will be addressing the drug issue in South Africa. After the presentations a Fundraiser will be held to raise the funds needed to to keep our Drug Free World Volunteers the monitory necessities to achieve the aims and strategic planning of Drug Free World South Africa into a reality. Together we can create a drug-free South Africa.

The Justin Timberlake photo is from the insert to his album The 20/20 Experience. We don’t really expect Timberlake to show up at the event, it’s just misuse by Scientology of copyrighted photographs to create an impression that the Drug Free World organization is endorsed or supported by celebrities. Scientology loves celebrities.


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