Desperately Seeking Sea Org – With Poetry

Last week we brought you the story of a man so determined to join the Sea Org, he would sell his possessions and write poetry so he could pay off his debt. Scientologists with debt are not qualified to be Sea Org members. We have two updates today, and it’s coming down to the wire – will he pay off his $60,000 debt and join? Is it too cynical to suggest he might pay off his debt, and then not join the Sea Org?

So, things are rolling along for my arrival into the Sea Org. And I’ve teamed up with a friend of mine, Tina Jalalian, to help her son join the SO too! He and I both have financial logistics to handle. Tina is a fine artist and has some amazing paintings available to sell. Buying this will help TWO poeple get closer to the Sea Org!! Here is the first one, a beautiful watercolor entitled “Balancing Rocks”. Her price is $1000. It is not a print, it is an original. Please contact me if you are interested!

I only have $8,300 left in debt to figure out to join the Sea Org by tomorrow. (I started with over $60,000 in debt to handle!!) Can you help? I have to make this go right!! To everyone that has helped so far, or who will, this is for you!

Gilded. (a poem)

A gilded page inside a book
Upon its surface, last I looked
Reveals a story-song that took
A sigh from all beholders:
A lonely man upon a hill,
He’d lost his way, he’d lost his will
And things long-done did haunt him still:
Though young, his face was older.

“I’ve seen so much, yet hardly lived,
I’ve wronged and longed and suffered with
The help that I just cannot give:
My soles and soul are worn-through.”
He kept himself from hopes and dreams,
“‘Twas for the best” – so he believed.
And so he laid aside the creed
Which long ago he swore to:

“Help to the full with each new day,”
“Ignore all stops which bar the way,”
“Persist and fight ’till all can say
‘It’s not a dream – you did it!'”
“Fight for the group, and save the Earth,”
“And ne’er reduce your strength and worth,”
“Help all the crewmen at your berth –
And be a team to win it!”

And far removed from open sea,
Our man atop the mountain, he
Forgot only the ocean’d be
The place to win his freedom.
Thus “other games” and “little wins”
Began to be his purpose thin
And on his face was ne’er a grin…
Though fleeting, there might be one.

So when I say, “My thanks is due,”
To Friends and beings such as you,
To those who’d help me join the Crew
And lived the life I dreamed of,
Please understand the weight within
Each word: I know you’ll not begin
To ask, demand or call it sin
If I do not repay thee,

But hope’s at last restored in me,
No place on Earth I’d rather be
And so I’ll work to earn my keep
And strive to make it go right!
So much to do, but it’s the truth
The hardest thing was getting to
The point where I now truly knew
That “home” was not just “all right”

I’m not complete without a crew
These years ago, some saw, and knew
I’m doing this quite thanks to you
And so, I am now taking,
So long at last, this journey long
To gild the land in endless song
And work to right each, every wrong,
And save the world. We’ll make it!!

-Brandon Moreau


3 thoughts on “Desperately Seeking Sea Org – With Poetry

  1. God. So sad. Are these guys in a bubble that they haven’t noticed the shit-storm surrounding the Church right now? What planet do they live on?



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