Big Trouble In Seattle – Closed Door Briefing

On Saturday, 11 April, 2015 at 3pm at the Seattle Ideal Org is a very special closed door briefing by the Senior Case Supervisor for the Western United States, Class IX CS Andres Rodriguez….This is specifically for everyone in the Seattle Field and you are personally invited. Call 206-284-0604 to confirm or via your Facebook invite…This is a unique opportunity to be briefed by the top tech terminal in the Western United States…Don’t miss it!!!

By now we know what a closed door meeting means – 12 Sea Org will be assigned to Seattle to make it not just an Ideal Org, but to implement changes based the Model Ideal Org of Los Angeles. The way to make Ideal Orgs work as intended is apparently the Sea Org way. We were only able to find one photo of Andres Rodrigues – in this old flyer from Los Angeles.


2 thoughts on “Big Trouble In Seattle – Closed Door Briefing

  1. It´s a closed door meeting with the commander of the 4th Invader Force. He will be confronted and shattered and all will be well in Seattle. Leather-bound dead-agent packs will be sold as well, so be sure to bring your credit cards!


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