PTS/SP Course – Performia Australia

Performia is a WISE company formerly known as U-Man, which helps companies implement L. Ron Hubbard’s theories on business management. On April 23rd they will host a seminar in Sydney, Australia on The Key Factors for Building a Productive Team. The key factor in these presentations is the use of Scientology’s PTS/SP course to identify Potential Trouble Sources and Suppressive Persons who will drag your business down. In the illustration above, the manager is the only person pulling the cart. The employees who are PTS are riding on the side of the cart without helping, and the SP is the one pulling the cart backwards.

One thought on “PTS/SP Course – Performia Australia

  1. Graphic was modeled after Int, where COB is the only one pulling the CoS cart forward despite all the SP’s. Just a little further and he’ll pull it right off the cliff…


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