Jaime Aymerich’s Resume Keeps Shrinking

Jaime Aymerich regularly gives seminars on breaking into the movie business at the Celebrity Centre International in Hollywood. But something odd is happening to his resume.

Film credits keep disappearing from the flyers. Above is from March 11, 2014. Below is from August 25, 2014. Gone are Lost, Workaholics, Prime Time Glick, CSI, and Grey’s Anatomy.

Tonight he is presenting the seminar again.

Bojack Horseman is new. It’s an animated series on Netflix, but Aymerich does the voice-over in the Spanish version of the show. Also new is In a World, a 2013 film about voice-over actors. Aymerich is listed in the credits, but not among the top 15 actors on IMDB.

Gone from the resume are are Breaking Dawn, Twilight New Moon, Workaholics, Ugly Betty and Fat Actress. We think the shrinking resume may be due to this article on Mike Rinder’s blog Something Can Be Done About It.

Wait, Jaime Who??

Celebrity Centre (apparently they cannot even spell their own name correctly — they should check out their trademark registration) comes up with some of the most obscure “celebrities” nobody ever heard of who dish out advice on how to make it in “the industry” (though I guess it’s not much different than the teenage Hitler Youth dishing out “ethics” advice). One of our Special Correspondents took a minute to check on IMDB to see whether they could find Jaime listed in all the things he is supposedly credited for. The results?

Breaking Dawn – no credit
Twilight – no credit
New Moon – no credit
Iron Man – no credit
Workaholics – played “DJ El Lobit” in 2 episodes
Ugly Betty – no credit
Desperate Housewives – no credit
Fat Actress – played “Little Jorge” in one episode
Amar de Nuevo – credit in one episode
So, if you are an actor wanting to establish a stable career, my advice to you would be to skip this one.


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