Success Story – Running In A Circle

Cause Resurgence is done on the sixth floor of the Super Power building in Clearwater, Florida. Students wear their Cause Resurgence track suit and Cause Resurgence sneakers to run in a circle in a dark room with a glowing orange pole in the center.


Wow! This action has changed my life forever. As a thetan I’ve made a quantum leap in ability, creativity and action.

The promo says that this rundown can pull a thetan out of anything. And it did just that for me. If you know me, you know that I lead a busy life, running a business and an ever expanding FSM group (The Freedom Group), traveling, lecturing and being the Chairman of the Flag OTC for the last twenty years.

I was living in a pressure cooker and recently it felt like someone was constantly turning the heat up. But you know, when you’re stuck in something it often feels like normal. I actually thought “that’s how busy people feel all the time.”

Then it happened. I was walking to my car after the rundown and I noticed how beautiful it was around Flag, how crisp and clear everything was, how quiet and calm my own universe was. OMG, I didn’t feel any pressure or stress! What a relief. In fact, it took me 24 hours before I realized that I had been pulled out of my “pressure cooker life”. Now I have all the time and space I want, I’m not charging through life like a hamster on a wheel.

Now that I’m done the wins have just kept getting bigger and bigger. I’m at Cause in Present Time and I’m operating at a whole new level. A workload that might have taken days is getting done in hours (or less). Cycles I couldn’t handle for the last years are flying off my plate. I look at something, make a decision and it’s done.

OK, so you want to know about the physical aspect of it? Well, I’ve been sitting at a desk or in meetings for the last two decades, doing very little exercise and I had no problem with it. Anyone can do this rundown! If you want more data, just call me and I’ll give you all my successful actions.

I’m pictured with Darren who was my IC. He went to LA recently to brief people out there about Cause Resurgence and Aaron took over. These two guys and the other wonderful highly trained delivery staff are amazing. You’ll love every minute you spend up there.

Now I’m going to train and then…go back and do it again!

Kaye Champagne‎

A pair of unwanted Cause Resurgence sneakers are currently up for auction on Ebay.


3 thoughts on “Success Story – Running In A Circle

  1. “I was living in a pressure cooker and recently it felt like someone was constantly turning the heat up.” Oh Kaye, so close to having a real cognition… Leaving Scientology is the “rundosn” to handle that!

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