Success Stories – Ravenwood Management

Ravenwood Management is a WISE company that can help you implement L. Ron Hubbard’s theories on efficient business management. Their office is located in Palm Springs, California.

By studying the “Breaking The Code” e-Learning Course, it increased my knowledge of organization management skills; it clarified what my product is and how to increase my productivity.

Knowing the Developed Traffic (dev-t) items helps me to spot and remove dev-t within the organization and keep the production line smooth. One person wearing several hats in our company is very common; some senior issues an order without notifying junior managers; junior asked senior’s approval without a Completed Staff Work (CSW); a job has been routed to a wrong terminal…etc. Recognizing Dev-T is really a great a benefit for an organization.

Studying statistics helped me understand the use of the Scale of Conditions to implement the right action plan; I recognize the importance of Ethics to maintain a good and healthy organization; the Duties of an Employee provides a clearer picture to an individual of how to benefit the organization.

I worked on a critical rejection while I was studying this course, so I have a very special feeling for “speed of service”, which is extremely important. We are a bridge between the plant and customer; information exchange usually delays our process because of the time zone difference.

Overall, I think this is really great and useful material for any organization if they want to expand their business or for an individual who wants to do a good job within an organization. I will use these techniques, share experiences and my successful cases with my colleagues, improve my personal capability and productivity, and thus will be beneficial to our organization’s expansion.

Jay W.

I found the information simple yet on-target for increasing one’s production and efficiencies in performance of job responsibilities and duties. Many of the items discussed/taught are a common sense approach to increasing morale, ethics, cooperation, understanding, communication, positive impact on others within the organization to achieve goals and purposes as related to the Valuable Final Products.

As a new employee with executive responsibilities within the organization and also new to LRH Management Technology, it has given me a clearer understanding of the system, and how it is integrated in fulfilling the mission and policies within the organization and also how this can also be implemented in personal life experiences.

I enjoyed the course and would highly recommend it to others.

Thank you,
William M.
Establishment Officer, Dental Practice

When I first began taking Breaking The Code online course, I felt very overwhelmed. I was trying to fit it into my extremely busy work world. However, I can say without reservation this course has given me the tools to excel in my field.

With the New Year just around the corner, I will be able to implement what I have learned and start the new year off right! I will be able to put together a revised organizing board, re-hat the staff, re-train where training is needed so that this will reduce any Developed Traffic on my lines, re-assign statistics – get all staff on board with ARC. I feel by doing this, my staff will feel confident, work efficiently and quickly.
My goal is to deliver exceptional customer service from all of our staff members by knowing their Valuable Final Product as well as the practice’s. With all of the above in place, it will bring increased productivity, improved efficiency at each post, higher morale. Power—here we come!!!

M.L. Business Owner


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