Friday Graduation At Flag – With Stats And Success Stories

241 on the Academy, 100 doing Student Hat. 13 Clears was made this week. 95 doing Cause Resurgence RD. 25 Completed Cause Resurgence this week. WE ARE OVER A 1400 who done Cause Resurgence RD. [People} on Super Power getting NED, so a bunch of a people go Clear on Super Power. 26 Super Power Completion this week. 28 OT Levels Completions. I saw 6 OT VII completion on stage tonight.

When I came to Flag to do CRRD I really had no idea what to expect. What I ultimately found was that CRRD was not just a spiritual journey, it was a spiritual gauntlet. Having now completed it I can say that on this rundown I had the biggest wins of my life. Though, there were many times I felt like I was going to die I kept having massive win after massive win. The interesting thing was that I would hit a point where I thought nothing could be more awesome as a win and then the I/Cs told me to keep going and I would find a whole new level of spiritual awesomeness.

Overall, I blew ridges that were causing me ruins in life and I smoothed out and gained control of energy flows that got rid of the chaos and confusions I had been battling for a long time. I truly recognized the source of energy and blew away inhibitions to taking action on anything in life. My intention is now laser sharp and MEST barriers seem to me now more like cute games rather then overwhelming threatening walls to my goals. Present time is even more beautiful to me and my ability to stay in PT is at a highest ever.

These are all amazing wins and abilities to me but above all of that CRRD gave me an experience that was so native to me as spiritual being that now nothing can shake my certainty of my command over the MEST universe and continue to be an inevitable cause point of everything I do. This was truly an OT process.

I want to thank my family for helping me and supporting me to get here and the CRRD staff and Flag staff for being such amazing and caring being. I am eternally grateful to COB and RTC for ensuring that this tech remains pure and the wins can forever be gained. Lastly, and most importantly, I thank LRH for doing the impossible and giving us this technology so that we can all find our true selves and true capabilities.

The audited rundowns were simply incredible. The wins were big and the wins were subtle. The big wins: blown away in session – exterior – feeling like I’ve just regained the ability to think and act without comm lag or indecision! The subtle wins – realizing between sessions that the world seems a little different. Not sure why but different … If you read the book New Slant on Life where LRH describes the feeling that a child has where the world is a wondrous place where he can create whatever he wants …. that’s the feeling I got after session.

Then there are the perceptive drills. First of all the Drill space is simply the most amazing space on the planet. The high tech and high theta there just makes the most pleasant environment you could imagine. Then there are the perceptic drills, Literally I can now perceive things that I had no idea was possible. Each drill on a gradient built up a new ability or raised an ability I already had.

Since competence is Senior to case gain the wins on these drills were really unimaginable.

I am so much more competent as a thetan!

I HAVE COMPLETED SUPER POWER! All my life I have been watching these movies, where some “wise man” or spiritual teachers told the hero: “You have to trust your feelings!” There was always this question coming in my mind – WHICH FEELINGS? HOW TO TRUST? Now I got the answer: SUPER POWER!

You get all these feelings (perceptions) in the proper place, you perceive with total certainty and you fully trust your perceptions! Super Power give me ability to assume the right role for this Universe. I got back my 7th dynamic without any doubts, unshakable!

I am able to keep my ethic level despite of pressure from the 3rd and 4th dynamic, I don’t make any double checks on my knowledge, I put myself whole, getting rid of any identification with this personality, body and name, put order on my time track, placing each picture to the right place, increase my imagination with full perceptions, could easy postulate my personal future and no, no, no any doubts on it! I want to thank all people who assure me to make it! It was one of the best action on my Bridge definitely, making my OT levels real and easy to do!

Now I have to live a life with all these perception in full use – ACTIVE, PRODUCTIVE and ALIVE!

All my happiness to LRH! He give us chance to wake up!

Wow! What an incredible rundown! Who could have believed that Ron would envisage the need for such rundown in the future & be able to leave such specific instructions as to how the Perceptics drills are to be delivered.

This is by far one of the most amazing actions that I have ever done on my entire Bridge. The release from all of the charge that may still be present seems to be more charge blown than I have ever blown before. Super Power addresses & handles very exact & specific areas of case that have never been handled before. Indeed, with this piece of technology, we will clear the planet & the entire universe. I feel totally & fully handled in all areas of my life. I am perceiving in a whole new & different way. I am cause, I am creative, I am omnipotent. This is what I have been waiting for for 12 years.

My thanks to my auditors for such thorough & superb auditing & getting me standardly through the rundown. My thanks to the C/S for keeping me going, session by session. My appreciation to RTC for releasing the tech of Super Power.

My sincere gratitude to LRH for this most remarkable & outstanding rundown. Now there is hope for Mankind!


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