Helen Ram Becomes Humanitarian

When I first heard about Ideal Orgs, I was very excited and achieved, what was known as “Bronze Honour Roll”. The status of Humanitarian seemed so far off that I did not even consider it at that time.

However, when more and more individuals started to become Humanitarians, I felt somewhat left behind. At the recent Epic Event, when my husband decided to do our Founding Member with Honours, it was from that point things turned in our favour.

For a while now, I have wanted to become a Humanitarian and with my Bridge to Clear now secure, I cannot express the emotions that I feel. When the next Humanitarian dinner awards take place, it will feel good to know that both myself and my husband will be receiving our award instead of watching others receive theirs!

Whilst I can thank all staff for TR1 on this, my greatest thanks goes to my husband who has contributed the most.

Helen Ram
Staff Member
Church of Scientology Birmingham

We understand Helen has recently been made redundant, or laid-off from a non-Scientology job.


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