Scientology in Kazakhstan

This is the first photo we have seen of Scientology courses in Kazakhstan, a former Soviet Republic bordering the Black Sea. Scientology staffer Oleh Yurov is presenting a seminar on relationships, in Russian. Translation by Google:

Dear Friends!
We invite you to a unique seminar
“What are the three types of love?”
You will learn:
How to identify true love?
Why do people do to hurt those who love?
Why are family?
Why two people who love each other, so often quarrel?
How to directly determine how these and more durable is your relationship?
The workshop carries out artist Oleh Yurov
We look forward to seeing you on Monday 30 March at 18.30
Admission is free

Come and BRING YOUR FRIENDS, acquaintances and LOVERS!
We are located at: 117, Furmanov str., corner of St. Tole bi
(via St. Tole bi from Beeline Center, entrance arch,
1-St entrance to the left (in the direction of the arrow on the map).
Intercom 22, second floor.

First Clear in Iran

Vaheed Jaberansari is the first Clear made in Iran. An Italian Field Staff Member traveled to Tehran to perform the processing.

Dear Tyren,
Finally I was confirmed CLEAR.!
Thank you for Auditing me all the way to NED Clear. You are a good Auditor and helped me a lot.
You were brave enough to come to Iran and Audit me, and I was fortunate to know you.

Love & ARC,

Flag Friday Graduation – Stats and Success Stories

Stats from Friday’s graduation ceremony at Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida:

2800 doing their Basics.
240 on Academy Training
613 on Purif and SRD
16 SRD completed this week
50 CLEARs were made this month!
15 started on Cause Resurgence and 21 are completed this week
109 !!!! Currently on SUPER POWER
2500 OT levels auditing hours
144 OT levels completions this week!
150 pre-OT stays all the way to OTVII
7 OTVII completion this week

This week’s Super Power Success Stories:

This huge Rundown has completely changed me regarding the way I act, make decisions and postulate.
I feel like I am able to perceive at the maximum level. To go through all the 57 perceptics was amazing and the environment where you do this feels like you are an astronaut in a spaceship. The perceptic supervisors are very special and very competent and I admire them all.

My potentialities are extraordinary and I look forward to use my new abilities in life as soon as possible.
During my auditing, I cognited again on fundamental points like justice, consequences, false date, confront and cause, power of choice, awareness and above all about life.

I had many, many wins and validations that gave me much emotion and satisfaction.
Besides being an OTVIII and having achieved my spiritual freedom, now I have acquired mental sanity!!!
Thanks to my great Auditor , to all Sea Org Members and to RON for having given to me this grand opportunity.”

I am OT8 and know I have Super Power! I learned so much about myself. I really found out that I’m now operating on changed view points from this auditing. My level of awareness has come up to a level where I can see whole concepts and solutions right away. I feel that there is nothing that I can’t fix or nothing I can’t do! I can communicate with total certainty and knowingness. My perceptions have heightened to a point where I feel whole and complete as a being! I REALLY do feel I have Super Power!!! My life has changed and I am a better Wife, Mom, friend and team member because of what I found on Super Power! I’m at cause over my life now more than ever before! I’m very grateful to my auditor for all the help she gave to me and all the Super Power technicians for all their help and support through the drills! I’m very stable and happy! Thank you so much!

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Welcomes Scientology – Bishop Ron Allen And Foundation For A Drug Free World

Bishop Ron Allen has a history of cooperation with Scientology. His organization is the International Faith Based Coalition, whose Facebook page has a headline photo of the Bishop holding Scientology drug awareness pamphlets. He was an invited speaker at the grand opening of the Sacramento Ideal Org in 2012.

This week the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) held a drug educator’s conference in Sacramento, co-sponsored by the International Faith Based Coalition and Bishop Ron Allen. These photos show Elder Williams from the Coalition distributing materials produced by the Scientology front group Foundation for a Drug Free World at the SAMHSA conference.

La Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León Welcomes Scientology – Youth For Human Rights

The Mario A. González UANL (La Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León) School of Chemical Sciences hosted Scientologist Nelly Rodriguez (red dress) for her presentation on behalf of the Scientology front group Youth For Human Rights. The event was held on March 20th and was organized by Professor Leymi Cavazos (in yellow, below) and Valdemar De La Paz (blue shirt, below) from the University. The event was held at the Auditorio Mario A. González at the Monterrey campus in Northeastern Mexico.

First Look At Tokyo Ideal Org

This is an artist’s impression of the future Tokyo Ideal Org. We hope to locate this building in the near future to see if there is any progress in construction. We suspect this is an IAS funded org, meaning that the money will not be raised by local Scientologists. This is the pattern set by the Kaohsiung Ideal Org in Taiwan, which was also purchased by the IAS. Below is a photo of the current Tokyo org; Scientology has a very small presence in Japan, but they are apparently planning to change that.

Cause Resurgence Rundown Success Story

The Cause Resurgence Rundown is held on the 6th floor of the Super Power building in Clearwater, Florida. It consists of running in a circle in a dark room with a glowing orange pole placed in the center.

Cause Resurgence done!… This is leaving the MEST universe and MEST body behind and entering theta universe, I kid you not.
And what happens to a Thetan when he is no longer limited and influence by these things? Native state happens! And when native state happens, anything that is non-optimum or hindering your dynamics, your beingness, doingness and flows, vanished.

I saw all my dynamics become ONE very powerful dynamic.

I saw my physical body completely disappear before my disbelieving open eyes and ended up before MEST time and before MEST bodies
I saw a glimpse of how I create MEST universe in present time, the vibration, the wavelength, the color, the speed and direction of particle of that prime energy.

I saw a glimpse of how I create present time in the MEST universe, the vibration, the wavelength, the color, the speed and direction of particle of that prime energy.

I saw the space I was in, get flooded with my own energy and under my control to ether use it spiritually, mentally or physically.
The creation of this native energy is theta in nature, nothing to do with the physical. The use of this energy in the physical universe is very real too but its use in the spiritual realm is where CRRD shines. I ended up 3 feet back of not only the physical body but, and that’s what is important here, 3 feet back of my dynamics! I’ll repeat that… 3 feet back of my dynamics! Hey, you don’t become Cause as a Sapien here, or as a human, you become Cause as a Thetan, get it? Do it!

Super Power Success Story

They seem to get longer all the time. Greg Smith is the Senior Case Supervisor (C/S) for the Mace Kingsley Family Center in downtown Clearwater, Florida. Their motto is “We Audit Kids.”

There are so many amazing and life changing wins I have had from this action it’s almost impossible to know where to start. But I will start with my biggest win:

The biggest thing that occurred was that I let go of a 20 ton albatross I carried around my neck called “My Basic Purpose of music”. What I mean by this is that I have had an ages old Basic Purpose in this area for a long time on my track. On one of the rundowns I at first had a cog of “rekindling” this purpose and at first I was a bit “up the pole” and overly elated on the subject. As we continued, it all started to beef up and I felt something was wrong. Then I had a huge cog: having one of these “Basic Purposes” as such is an incorrect way to operate and exist, and having all that horsepower directed in a “southward direction” (namely, firing up some whole track purpose, with trillions of years of track connected with it), did nothing but lock up my attention from being able to operate in PT as an OT, blocking my full available postulate power from being able to be directed in any direction I choose from PT as a stable point. For me, dropping this “Basic Purpose” was the starting point of POWER or SUPER POWER and it fits directly into axioms #1 and #2 and the raw, unadulterated ability of a thetan. I have a new philosophy on this now and I feel a bit like a newbie, needing to practice this and spread my wings a bit, but having had this cog, it is now a matter of directing my attention and postulates/intention from PT, in a brand new unit of time, at music or whatever else I choose. Now one qualifier: this in no way means I am dropping the subject of music; it simply means I will create music from PT, as well as the C/Sing and auditing I do, and anything else I take up in life. I will use my full postulate power and intention, not drained by some old purpose.

Drilling on the perceptions is entirely unprecedented, like nothing else I have ever done. I found some of my specific perceptions almost entirely intact and usable, while some of the other ones were complete” bearcats” for me, turning on all kinds of stuff from the lower tone scale while we were drilling; complete disabilities for me on some of them. But through the very patient coaching of the drill instructors, each of these ”bearcat” perceptions went to a beautiful EP, with a brand new ability on each.

The Ethics/Justice rundown freed me up from past injustices with a very clever set of questions that handled the charge, bringing me to many nice cogs of what happened in each one of those situations and leaving me with a great feeling of cause, relief and increased responsibility.
The Personal Revival rundown took my attention off myself by rehabilitating points of aliveness from my past and enabled me to be able to direct my attention outward onto the other dynamics, especially the fourth dynamic, giving me a new awareness and KRC/ARC for this dynamic.
On the Consequences rundown I fully cogged on my actual tone level – action – which was very rehabilitating and empowering. It also became very clear to me how to raise my tone level above this to higher levels.

The Bright Think rundown for me was a “wild mouse ride” (named after a wild amusement park ride of my youth) of my case and Whole Track, which resolved beautifully at the end, leaving me with an awareness of being more myself, more of a static and more differentiated from the Physical Universe.

The Student rundown was very validating, pointing up the fact I am a good student and fortifying that certainty with some questions that impinged nicely, and cleaned up some pertinent charge on the subject.

The False Data rundown was where I had the huge, huge cog about the lie of “Basic Purpose” and how it drained my OT ability and, without that lie, leaving me able to be in PT with full postulate power/intention, free to direct my attention to anything I choose.

The Cause and Confront rundown greatly raised my ability to be cause and raised my confront both on specific areas and in general. I also gained a new ability to think logically from this rundown, a very useful skill as a C/S.

The Power of Choice rundown came at a very opportune time; i.e. directly after my huge cog re “Basic Purpose”; actions done which increased my ability to actually deliver and execute my postulates very specifically in the Physical Universe.

The audited part of the perception rundown was very enlightening, directing my attention to specific areas of perception inability, blowing this charge and leaving me free and ready to do the perception drills.

There was definitely a sense of becoming more able as a being as each rundown progressed. Each rundown fit into a general plan wherein the abilities gained on each dovetailed and expanded nicely into the next rundown. This was very apparent to me in my gains as I progressed, leaving me the concept of progressing upward with a funneling upward and an outward feeling of expansion. This feeling was greatly enhanced with the perception drills which caused even greater expansion and upward feeling.

A general comment of the floor with the perception drills: at first I felt like I was on the Enterprise (the spaceship from the show, Star Trek). The layout is so modern and cool; nothing on earth exists similar to it. As I progressed with these amazing drills, I changed my viewpoint and it felt like a Nirvana, nestled high above the rest of the physical universe; and island of peace floating in a cloud high above everything.
Each piece of equipment for the drills is very wonderful in how it isolates the exact perception to be drilled so that you can’t “cheat” and use other perceptions to get the product. This leaves you with a huge sense of accomplishment as you progress through each drill to EP. Bit by bit I felt more and more exterior with full perception. In fact, on some of the drills that were tougher for me to get through, I finally dropped some machinery I’d been using forever and started used my own theta perception; at which point I was able to do it and then was able to complete the drill with a great sense of accomplishment.

I have an overall feeling of peace within myself that occurred bit by bit as I progressed through each rundown and each drill. I am much, much more in PT (even after the SRD!) and I feel very calm about life and being able to operate from a calm, almost serene viewpoint.

One final note from my hat as Sr C/S and the senior tech terminal of Mace Kingsley Family Center, the largest field group on the planet:
Based on my greatly increased abilities to perceive, postulate and really dig deeply into a case as a C/S and an auditor, it is clear to me that it is utterly imperative that all auditors, C/Ses. Supervisors and every tech terminal get through Super Power as fast as possible. By doing so we will create a boom in Scientology across the entire planet.

Thank you to my wonderful auditor Roshy; she is a gem with impeccable TR’s, presence and metering. Thank you to my wonderful drill instructors; you are all total pros and you work in an environment which literally exists outside the physical universe. Thank you to my great C/S, board I/Cs and pages, the whole S.O. crew. Thank you to COB for the wonderful GAT II releases for Super Power and the rest of the Tech which is now available to anyone. Thank you to LRH for assembling these actions which really do bring one very close to operating in Native State right now!

Love, Greg Smith