Scientology in Kazakhstan

This is the first photo we have seen of Scientology courses in Kazakhstan, a former Soviet Republic bordering the Black Sea. Scientology staffer Oleh Yurov is presenting a seminar on relationships, in Russian. Translation by Google:

Dear Friends!
We invite you to a unique seminar
“What are the three types of love?”
You will learn:
How to identify true love?
Why do people do to hurt those who love?
Why are family?
Why two people who love each other, so often quarrel?
How to directly determine how these and more durable is your relationship?
The workshop carries out artist Oleh Yurov
We look forward to seeing you on Monday 30 March at 18.30
Admission is free

Come and BRING YOUR FRIENDS, acquaintances and LOVERS!
We are located at: 117, Furmanov str., corner of St. Tole bi
(via St. Tole bi from Beeline Center, entrance arch,
1-St entrance to the left (in the direction of the arrow on the map).
Intercom 22, second floor.

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