Flag Friday Graduation – Stats and Success Stories

Stats from Friday’s graduation ceremony at Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida:

2800 doing their Basics.
240 on Academy Training
613 on Purif and SRD
16 SRD completed this week
50 CLEARs were made this month!
15 started on Cause Resurgence and 21 are completed this week
109 !!!! Currently on SUPER POWER
2500 OT levels auditing hours
144 OT levels completions this week!
150 pre-OT stays all the way to OTVII
7 OTVII completion this week

This week’s Super Power Success Stories:

This huge Rundown has completely changed me regarding the way I act, make decisions and postulate.
I feel like I am able to perceive at the maximum level. To go through all the 57 perceptics was amazing and the environment where you do this feels like you are an astronaut in a spaceship. The perceptic supervisors are very special and very competent and I admire them all.

My potentialities are extraordinary and I look forward to use my new abilities in life as soon as possible.
During my auditing, I cognited again on fundamental points like justice, consequences, false date, confront and cause, power of choice, awareness and above all about life.

I had many, many wins and validations that gave me much emotion and satisfaction.
Besides being an OTVIII and having achieved my spiritual freedom, now I have acquired mental sanity!!!
Thanks to my great Auditor , to all Sea Org Members and to RON for having given to me this grand opportunity.”

I am OT8 and know I have Super Power! I learned so much about myself. I really found out that I’m now operating on changed view points from this auditing. My level of awareness has come up to a level where I can see whole concepts and solutions right away. I feel that there is nothing that I can’t fix or nothing I can’t do! I can communicate with total certainty and knowingness. My perceptions have heightened to a point where I feel whole and complete as a being! I REALLY do feel I have Super Power!!! My life has changed and I am a better Wife, Mom, friend and team member because of what I found on Super Power! I’m at cause over my life now more than ever before! I’m very grateful to my auditor for all the help she gave to me and all the Super Power technicians for all their help and support through the drills! I’m very stable and happy! Thank you so much!

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