First Look At Tokyo Ideal Org

This is an artist’s impression of the future Tokyo Ideal Org. We hope to locate this building in the near future to see if there is any progress in construction. We suspect this is an IAS funded org, meaning that the money will not be raised by local Scientologists. This is the pattern set by the Kaohsiung Ideal Org in Taiwan, which was also purchased by the IAS. Below is a photo of the current Tokyo org; Scientology has a very small presence in Japan, but they are apparently planning to change that.


3 thoughts on “First Look At Tokyo Ideal Org

    • It’s hard to say. If Scientology is doing well anywhere, Taiwan is one of the top areas for them. The WISE directory is filled with Taiwanese entries. They see that as the launching point for mainland China, Japan, South Korea, then on to Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. It’s a long term plan that is filled with large buildings for now in the hopes they will be filled with new Scientologists.


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