Cause Resurgence Rundown Success Story

The Cause Resurgence Rundown is held on the 6th floor of the Super Power building in Clearwater, Florida. It consists of running in a circle in a dark room with a glowing orange pole placed in the center.

Cause Resurgence done!… This is leaving the MEST universe and MEST body behind and entering theta universe, I kid you not.
And what happens to a Thetan when he is no longer limited and influence by these things? Native state happens! And when native state happens, anything that is non-optimum or hindering your dynamics, your beingness, doingness and flows, vanished.

I saw all my dynamics become ONE very powerful dynamic.

I saw my physical body completely disappear before my disbelieving open eyes and ended up before MEST time and before MEST bodies
I saw a glimpse of how I create MEST universe in present time, the vibration, the wavelength, the color, the speed and direction of particle of that prime energy.

I saw a glimpse of how I create present time in the MEST universe, the vibration, the wavelength, the color, the speed and direction of particle of that prime energy.

I saw the space I was in, get flooded with my own energy and under my control to ether use it spiritually, mentally or physically.
The creation of this native energy is theta in nature, nothing to do with the physical. The use of this energy in the physical universe is very real too but its use in the spiritual realm is where CRRD shines. I ended up 3 feet back of not only the physical body but, and that’s what is important here, 3 feet back of my dynamics! I’ll repeat that… 3 feet back of my dynamics! Hey, you don’t become Cause as a Sapien here, or as a human, you become Cause as a Thetan, get it? Do it!

4 thoughts on “Cause Resurgence Rundown Success Story

  1. “Three feet back of my dynamics”…huh? What does that even mean? Seriously, what does that mean? I’m familiar with the concept of an out of body experience, but it sounds like this person had an out of dynamics experience…all I can think to say is “Drugs are bad….m’kay”

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    • I checked with two long-time Scientologists, and they had the same opinion – this means nothing at all, it’s delusion, it’s fooling yourself, it’s empty hype. One said: “If I was still a card-carrying SCN I would probably be up on my feet and clapping like a happy seal pretending I totally got it and what a win this was. Now it just sounds like utter bullshit.”


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