International Day Of Happiness

Police and school children pledged to distribute The Way to Happiness brochure in Arunachal Pradesh, India to commemorate the United Nations International Day of Happiness. Scientology has been unsuccessful so far in equating the UN celebration with their booklet, but several Way to Happiness front groups gave out copies on March 20th.

In Association with the Arunachal Pradesh Police we celebrated the “U.N International Day of Happiness” in the District of Roing.
It was an AWESOME!! event which not only helped in spreading the values found in TWTH book but it also showed a different side of our Excellent Police Force who always cares to go a step further in helping the society. Special Thanks to the Superintendent of Police, Distt. Roing Mr. Rajneesh Gupta who’s excellent support made the difference!!!!

Russian Scientologists distributed the booklet at their usual spot at the Kissing Bridge in Sevastapol.

Durban, South Africa Scientologists stood outside the org and handed out the booklet to passing cars.

Querétaro, Mexico Scientologists filmed a music video for The Way to Happiness, which was shot in a local park.


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