Super Power Success Stories – Treason On The First Dynamic

WOW! I am so happy I did Super Power.
After 3 Ls, I could still feel revived on Super Power!
It is just amazing!
I also feel salvaged when I located a past Treason condition on the first dynamic.
Then I could see things as all isnesses instead of a cluster of misemotion.
Then I felt my anchor points all firmly outward in the physical universe and I am just the static.
Then I get my viewpoints changed on the Super Study RD which will help my auditor training tremendously.
When all the false data were stripped away from me, I feel my postulates are outpouring and are so strong.
Then after the outpoints were taken care of, I find my own future clearly defined and what I want in life are just so visible.
On the Power of Choice RD so much unconsciousness were taken away I just feel so happy and determined.
On the perceptics auditing more engrams are erased and my somatics are gone.
On the perceptics drills I find everything so interesting and my perceptions improved a lot.
I am so honored to have supported the Super Power project from 18 years ago.
I can see now it is the rundown that will clear this planet!
I thank my auditor for taking me through this powerful RD.
I thank COB and RTC for keeping the tech pure and standard.
I thank all the Sea org staff here at Flag who make everything happen.
And I thank Ron for giving me back my super power!

Today I attested to the Cause Resurgence Rundown. This was the most incredible thing that I have done in Scientology!!

It was a roller coaster ride to put it mildly but the wins were bigger than I could have ever expected! Daily, I felt ridges blow out of my universe and my energy flows become stronger and stronger. Once these ridges were gone, the real me began to emerge!! And I truly LIKE the real me!!

These ridges and snarled energy flows that have accumulated over trillions of years have held me back and caused all kinds of maybe’s and indecision in my life. The way that I process things now is so quick and with such certainty! It feels right! The way it is supposed to be!!

I realized a “policy” that I had for myself which was “to be as cause as I was going to be effect”. I have carried this around for eons. The energy that went into this “policy” was enormous. I had to determine at what degree I was going to be effect in order to put out just that much cause. This completely blew and I realized that being cause was a much easier and saner way of life. Once the ridges started to blow – being cause just happened!! No effort – just pure cause!!

I am also in more PT than I ever have been!! Seriously, Present Time with astounding ARC for my dynamics!

Today, I am smiling at the world – and the world is smiling back!!

Happy Birthday, LRH!!!


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