Super Power Success Stories

We love reading Success Stories. Scientologists write these when they complete a rundown or level, and they give some insight into the appeal of Scientology for its members. Here are five success stories from this week.

I am OT VIII and I just completed Cause Resurgence! I had no idea going into this what I was in for. I knew it was a “Whole Track OT Objective” process and I knew it was physical. The rest was a mystery until I entered the room where the rundown is done. And the moment you enter this room—and I mean the exact moment—you know indeed this is something off the Whole Track. To be honest I felt like a little kid again. I was so excited. I couldn’t wait to see what was going to occur. And on my first day, my whole life changed. Not just like, “Wow, that was a win.” No, the process brought to view actual ridges and masses and chaotic energy flows that I had no idea were in my universe. These seemingly came out of nowhere, but the “nowhere” was my own universe and space. And as I did the process they all blew right it front of me. It was like cleaning your garage—everyone’s done that—but there was no effort. The “stuff” just came to view and BAM I as-ised it. I felt free and more alive. And that was just day one! As I continued the program more ridges blew. More uneven energy flows blew. I came into control of my own energy as a thetan. I have never experienced anything like this anywhere on the Bridge. I found out in life I was way more A to B and I was already very A to B. I just didn’t have anything like these energy/ridges/masses in the way so my intention was very clean and clear. Each day my certainty and knowingness as a being got stronger and more clear. I actually feel like I have a brand new universe of Me. It is calm. It is free from energy that is not mine and I am free to create with greater certainty than I ever have before. I feel like I have a new life, in truth.

I don’t even know where to begin about this action – seriously, it is hard to even remember ‘the way things were’, but I’ll try to summarize. I think the most dramatic difference is my overall sense about life and the future – before I arrived, I was worried about where life was headed on my different dynamics. Now, I know, unquestionably, that things are moving towards where I want them to be – so fast that it’s almost uncomfortable! The only question now is how bumpy the ride will be on the way. So… that’s… pretty huge!

Then there’s my sense of who I am as a being – which has gone from some vague idea, with all of these questions and concerns, to really knowing who I am, and while I have plenty of things to work on, I’m fine with who that turned out to be.

I feel like on the perception drills I was re-introduced to the universe – life is now much more hi-res, hi-def and just straight-up fun to observe.

Finally, my ability to confront and handle things in life is at a completely different scale now – things that had previously been big problems, now get sorted out so fast and effortlessly that I swear it feels like someone else is doing it.

So, people keep telling me ‘well done’ for finishing Super Power, but out of all of the work, determination, and energy that went into this project, my contribution definitely wasn’t the story – the amount of care and energy these people at Flag put into literally everything about getting folks up the bridge really made the difference in my case, and is something you have to see to believe.

First I would like say WOW!

I have been in Scientology for 6.5 years. This adventure to Flag started with a routing onto the HAS Course in the Golden Age of Knowledge CR. The delivery was fast and smooth and the results were remarkable. Then onto my additional Objectives program. The delivery of this action was so smooth and the wins were astonishing that I began to wonder just how much more could Super Power possibly do? Then with all of my previous actions reviewed and brought up to GAT II standards in a new unit of time, it was time for me to find out.

Well, the wins are to big and too many to put into words but let me try. First I know now that ethics are the only way for a being to survive, any deviation from that is aberration. I can predict the consequences of any choice I make. I know how to study and can learn anything that I put my intention in on. I can correctly analyze and compute all types of data and come to correct conclusions. I can know when my actions are of my own self determinism and if not, correct that problem too. I understand exactly how to postulate and create a bright future. And I now know that I have the power of choice for any decision and that I am Cause, and so can create the future of my dynamics however I imagine and decide it to be.

Then onto the drills. I’m now aware and have the ability to perceive accurately with all 57 of my perceptics. This assures me that I am now receiving the proper data to compute and come to conclusions that will allow me to create a beautiful future on all my dynamics.

I would like to share that at the end of several rundowns I told my auditor that I felt more powerful. At the end of the last rundown I was shouting ” Now I know why it is called Super Power!!”.

Finally I feel like everything I have done in Scientology has now been brought into alignment and I am prepare for a powerful push up the bridge. I would like to thank my Auditor, CS and DOP for this wonderful result. Also to all the Flag Staff and the Super Power Specialists for their commitment and professionalism. Then to RTC and COB for the restoration of the tech and for making Super Power a reality. Than my special thanks to LRH for giving us the tech, he truly is mankind’s best friend.

Its difficult to begin with a starting point on what to say about Superpower, for starters I went Clear on Superpower, which was freaking awesome as it was a postulate that I had made earlier on the rundowns!!

I have written a few success stories already so I will be very brief as I go through each rundown.

The Ethics and Justice Rundown left me with an unprecedented feeling of being clean, and looking at how I had not been so unethical or have received many injustices this life time was a new look on my track this life time.

The Personal Revival Rundown was an EYE OPENER, I felt like I had a bucket of ICE WATER dumped on top of me with some realizations, I became super overwhelmingly aware of unawareness and its deadliness and how that relates to the Bridge, and have never had such an urgency to make it up the Bridge like RTFN!!! And how in the past I was operating under such a delusion that any of my postulates were going to come to fruition without me actually doing something in the physical universe!!!!

If the C/S of my D of P told me that after the Consequences Rundown that we would not be doing anything else on Superpower I would’ve felt as though I had received an Exchange 4. This made the greatest viewpoint shift that has ever happened to me in Scientology, and it was sooo beautiful, graceful, effortless, simple and empowering. This rundown alone changed my life.

Bright Think was so simple, it was deadly, Ron is such a genius with this process, for me it really piggy backed off the Consequences Rundown and made my previous wins more solidified as I knew how there was only one was I could use those previous wins on Superpower and through all of Scientology and it was with this data from Bright Think.

On the Super Study Rundown, I was able see the major outpoints in my previous schooling and how it was through Scientology Study Tech, the layout of check-sheets and Supervision how I have absolutely none of these out rudiments and can study easily.

False Data was a fun exercise for me, and left me with a renewed sense of “what is true for me, is true.”

The Confront and Cause Rundown was actually very very powerful in a subtle way, I was able to look at where I need to be operating in life for me to be OK with the outcomes of things. It is up to my viewpoint and tone scale position that is going to determine how things are going to look and be, especially on a Flow 0, very very cool.

On Power of Choice, I was able to perform some very very OT exercises, it was truly spooky as I came to some overwhelming realizations, it is going to be me that is going to change my life, not anyone else, I won’t be able to do it with out others but it will take my initiative.

I went Clear on the last rundown and the drills were out of sight, I could spend a whole lot more time writing about the drills and the last rundown, but I will say that I feel very very in comm with the physical universe and my body.

This action saved my life. Seriously, I was on my way out. I had given up all hope, and was just waiting for it all to be over. There is no way to completely convey how hopeless life seemed. It makes me cry just thinking about it. I woke up each day dreading the misery I knew life was going to throw at me that day. I was so beat up and in all honestly, I had given up. I felt completely out of control. I had no feelings of love nor could I even experience that sensation. I couldn’t relax or sleep well. In my estimation, a future for me was unimaginable. I was a mess. Then this man, LRH, this incredible individual with this AMAZING technology stepped in and saved me. And I say that from the depths of my beingness. How he came up with this data blows me away. What a being.

Now since doing Super Power, my universe is quiet. I feel love again. I love my husband. I love my church. I’m calm and happy. I look forward to tomorrow. I’m so productive. I’m full of action and projects. The Bridge, for the 1st time EVER, is confrontable! This truly is a new me and I’m excited about life!

I’d also like to say how much I appreciate the very gentle and loving guidance I received from my precious auditor, of which made this action that much more doable and enjoyable. I was in a bad way when she got me and she BEAUTIFULLY handled me with just the right touch. I love that woman! This has truly been a wonderful life changing experience and I look forward to tomorrow because of it.


One thought on “Super Power Success Stories

  1. i came to the realization ( a win!) that these success stories are forced to be written by the PC so that if anyone tried to sue to get their $ back; they can then pull up this written exclamations of great results to prove that their money
    was given willingly.


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