Medal For Contributing To Scientology Media Productions

Jessica Vallecilla‎ supports the renovations being done at the former KCET studios in Los Angeles, which will become Scientology Media Productions, the home of new video projects to promote Scientology. Instead of making a donation, she has purchased six special e-meters. The regular price of these is $5,000, but we don’t know the price of the special edition meters. For her support, she received the SMP medals in the photo above.

We did it!!!!!!!!! SIX special edition emeters for scientology media productions!!!!!!!!! D.O.N.E!!!!!!


6 thoughts on “Medal For Contributing To Scientology Media Productions

    • Six seems a little excessive. Why are they pushing e-meters when a donation would be just as good? Perhaps it’s easier to refuse the refund of a purchase than for a donation. Also, what color is the special edition? My bet is gold.

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      • I’ve seen those colors. They are symbolic of GAT II and the claim to be keeping the tech pure, being the colors of the green, red and blue books. In the past with the Quantum there have been special editions in other colors. I think we will see them eventually, for special IO fundraisers, the IAS, TWTH, or something like that.


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