Help Wanted – Scientific Control Instruments, Clearwater Florida

Administration Manager – Future ED Wanted
Clearwater, Florida 33755

SCI (Scientific Control Instruments), CLEARWATER, FL.

Expanding fast – Looking for dedicated, expansion-driven
Administration Manager – Future Executive Director

Contact Phone: 813-602-2262

The company:

SCI (Scientific Control Instruments) Distribution LLC, is a Clearwater, Florida based company that sells and delivers wireless fleet & fuel management products and related services. The SCI line of products allows businesses and all types of organizations to monitor their fleet and fuel consumption from one central office location

SCI was founded in 2002 and has been operating in Clearwater, Florida since then. The company currently employs 14 people in our Clearwater headquarter office, with a total of 50 people across the world. Add to that over 400 distributors who are tightly connected to our headquarters on a daily basis – whether they operate in the USA, South America, India, Russia or the African continent.

Your mission:

You will start as the Administration Manager/Deputy Executive Director, mostly acting as the organization’s main Establishment Officer. You will also help in implementing the Management’s strategic plans.

One priority is to establish & manage Division One. Our expansion starts with the hiring and training of new employees who can quickly become operational on post. We do not compromise with training and we focus on helping our people become competent and effective FAST.

Concurrently to establishing our Division 1, you will also help develop further the second division, under the direct guidance of the founder.
Eventually, once you have demonstrated solid performance, you will take over the position of Executive Director of our Clearwater operations, allowing thus the CEO to focus 100% on international expansion.

We are looking for a high-potential individual who will possibly become our Executive Director (after you have demonstrated great performance).

Specific responsibilities & duties:
Create a fully operational Department One in hiring, posting and training staff & dealers. Then
Fully develop Division One with an operational Management by Stats. Then
Help develop Division 2 into a fully manned up sales division. Then
Manage the organization into higher levels of profitable production and service to our clients.

Desired qualifications:
Ideally you are familiar with the Hubbard Management System, well enough to be able to quickly demonstrate successful application throughout the whole organization. You need to be able to demonstrate a good production record in organization. Ideally you are young, dynamic and ambitious! And you must be a real team player – with a strong ability to inspire and drive others.

Offered salary& other compensations:
We offer a base salary (yearly $35K – $45K, based on your experience and production record) as well as a great bonus program which starts to kick in after the trial period. Once the trial period is over, you will have the ability to double your pay through performance-based bonuses. So your salary, including bonuses, should reach 70-$80K the first year.



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