Help Wanted – Nelson Construction, Clearwater Florida

Site Supervisor Needed for High-End Construction Company – CLW
Grand Central Street
Clearwater, Florida 33756

Seeking an experienced Site Supervisor to join the team at Nelson Construction and Renovations.

We are a high-end construction company that does home additions, remodels and new homes all over Pinellas County (and some in Tampa). We also do some light commercial work.

Contact Name: Dominique Nelson
Contact Phone: (727) 596-9006
Contact Fax: (727) 466-0000

Seeking a Site Supervisor with the following qualifications:

Familiarity with each of the building trades including rough and finish carpentry; plumbing; electrical; framing; drywall; painting; etc.

Absolutely no hesitation on running sub-contractors, delivering orders, demanding compliance, demanding correction of poor workmanship, and running subs to keep the jobs on schedule.

Very high standards. We accept only the highest quality work from our subs.

Excellent communication skills. Must be able to comfortably and professionally speak with homeowners.

A basic understanding of how to read blueprints would be a bonus. We can train you in this if needed.

Willingness to use the Hubbard Management Technology including managing by statistics, applying Conditions, using an Organizing Board, and keeping a Battle Plan. (We provide training in these basics if the candidate is not familiar with it. We are members of WISE.)

Must have your own vehicle.

Duties include:

Becoming very familiar with a job when it is turned over to you–understanding the Scope of Work, the project Schedule (known as a Critical Path), who your subs are, meeting the homeowner, etc.

Scheduling your subs in alignment with the Critical Path.

Ensuring your subs show up on time and do professional work.

Putting your tool belt on as needed to do anything that falls between the cracks–i.e., anything that doesn’t fall within the Scope of Work of your subs.

Making sure the job site is very clean at the end of each work day.

Filling out a Job Site Report at the end of each day.

Keeping and turning in statistics every week.

Writing up and turning in your Condition every week.

You will not be expected to hire subs or collect paperwork on them, order materials, pick up materials, worry about permitting, or do much paperwork other than the above. This is all taken care of by our Logistics Chief, whose purpose it is to streamline everything so you can simply run your jobs.

We are hiring immediately. Contact Dominique at to apply.


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