Fishing With Scientology – CCHR Has A Boat

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights in New Zealand is having a fishing fundraiser aboard the Gabriel, a fishing boat that bears “CCHR” on its bow. The owner is Paul Zentveld, who plans to use the funds to travel to Geneva, Switzerland to attend hearings of the UN Committee Against Torture. He claims to have been a patient at the Lake Alice Psychiatric Hospital in the Rangitikei District of New Zealand, which operated from 1950 to 1999. Dr. Selwyn Leeks was a Psychologist at that facility, and has had his license revoked in 1978 for unethical shock aversion therapy, and sexual misconduct with patients.

Paul as a teenager was subjected to painful ‘treatments’ under Dr Selwyn Leeks, and CCHR worked closely with Paul and many others to hold Leeks accountable and take the government to task. After some years him and almost 200 others gained recognition and an official apology. Also out of that hard work came his beautiful vessel called Gabriel and he would like to take you on a harbour cruise in exchange for some fundraising activities to get CCHR and himself over to Geneva in one months time. This is the first time that a government has been held to task over psychiatric torture and the first time that any CCHR worldwide will gain a audience with the United Nations, in particular the Committee Against Torture.


2 thoughts on “Fishing With Scientology – CCHR Has A Boat

  1. It’s disgusting. There is so much real human rights work to be done on victims of institutionalised psychiatry, but the Clams get involved and ruin it all.


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