Tampa Has Won The Birthday Game For EUS Orgs

Our D/ED holding our trophy from winning #1 in EUS at the LRH Birthday Event from this last Saturday!!

This last birthday game year was a whirlwind of expansion for Tampa Org and was unlike any year in Tampa’s past! With no less than 37 new Clears made and over 80 GAT II auditors made, this last year we made history. Join us Tuesday night at 6:15pm in the Tampa Chapel for dinner and then a Birthday Game briefing starting at 7pm. Come hear the acknowledgments for Birthday Game players of this last year, as well as the wins and expansion we had. You will also find out what Tampa is launching in this new 2015/2016 Birthday Game year!!!

Although last year was a game-changer for Tampa, this next year we will be making history yet again! Find out what the roll-out will be and what part you will play in it. After all, the Birthday Game isn’t a game without you- the field! Dinner starts at 6:15pm, event starts at 7:00pm. Childcare will be provided. See you there!

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