Today Is L. Ron Hubbard’s Birthday

Throughout the day we will be updating this post with birthday wishes from Scientologists to L. Ron Hubbard.

Tomorrow my 2D and I become “Elite Millennium Disseminators” for the Planetary Dissemination Unit. That’s 6 special edition e-meters and we are honored to be here, now and able to contribute to one of the greatest movements of our religion. One of the things I stop and think about from time to time are all the people who have come forward to financially help ensure our religion flourishes. And to now be in the position of being one of those people who contribute so that others too are reached is a huge honor to us both. And I am proud to do that on L. Ron Hubbard’s birthday. Thank you sir!

Happy Birthday Ron. I dedicate my success direct to Ron and of course to everybody. Yesterday I got cognition in the session about Love, Precepctions, Time, Timeless, Faksimilles, Traps. I got the idea why I have to use a picture, a copy of a happening to reach or to remembering of an experience. The answer is… I don’t have to. Not the physical universe who gived admiration, affinity, beauty, love or life to that momment wich is nice for me. It was me who created that and this is exist not because I created faksimilles about it as well and I can watch them. It is exist because of me. It is timeless. And I it is exist as long as I want. In this case that huge ARC what I feelt many times in this life about thetans about life about everything… they just can not disappear or going less, they are not in the past just because I have a picture about it with 50 preception… It can be less when I wach as memory as second hand copy and identify the existence with that things. I recognized I should let this faksimilles go and focus on the source wich is me. In this case every day is new life, new day new beginning, new creations of the life. I should not identify, wait or use this pictures to get back any power or life. I create them every day in new unit of time. Thank you very much LRH.

Saturday is Ron’s Birthday Celebration. There’s a huge event at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater. Here are 3 things you may not know about the event:
1. First of all, there is going to be a special announcement at the event that has to do with something happening right here in Clearwater. It will be one of those moments we all will be remembering together!
2. Flag is providing a complimentary dinner for everyone at the Ruth Eckerd Hall starting at 5 pm and the event doors open at 6 pm.
3. After the event there is a huge celebration at the Fort Harrison with tons of birthday cake everywhere, live entertainment, all the restaurants will be open and it will be a big party!
Hope to see you there.


Happy Birthday Ron!– A poem for you!
Hello! (audience, say Hello!)

Hello, Ron!
We’re here!
We’ve come to join you!

We’ve held your lines
Upheld your dream
For All—The ancient goal
Of Total Freedom!

And in your quest beyond the sky
Beyond the stars that trim the night
We’ve come—All for All
To help you

And to thank you
Thank you for the Bridge to Total Freedom!

And thank you!

The anniversary of L. Ron Hubbard recognized as a religious holiday in Spain – As stated in the website of the Foundation for Pluralism and Coexistence (formed by the Ministry of Justice)

“On March 13, 1911 born in Tilden, Nebraska (USA), the founder of the Church of Scientology, the philosopher and philanthropist Ronald Hubbard Lafayete. Every year Scientologists celebrate this anniversary by making an annual summary of the positive impact of the discoveries of its founder leader.”

Mexico City Ideal Org has a replica of the famous cake at the top of the page.

Scientology South Texas
March 10 at 12:32pm

It’s time, again, to celebrate
As each year we have before
On thirteen March a birthday comes
One hundred years and four

To Ron we send our wishes well
And toast him, drinks in hand
A birthday cake we cut in honor
Of this extraordinary man

His journey went down many paths
A dozen lives he lived
Sailor, writer, poet, pilot
He mastered what he did

And through it all his research went
To study the minds of men
To gather far-flung knowledge
And crack the riddle that has been

For the good of all he did embark
Upon this fateful quest
And despite the great adversity
The outcome was success

Not only did he solve the puzzle
And unearth Man’s true form
He paved the way for us to be
The best we could become

From Dianetics straight on through
To Technique 88
And the Philadelphia Doctorate
For a thetan’s native state

He formed a tech to rescue man
From the depths of his despair
Bring him self-determinism
And a future bright and fair

So Happy Birthday to you Ron!
We have a gift for you
It’s something that you always want
Each year it seems like new

We’ll use the tech you gave to us
Your lasting legacy
With it we can achieve freedom
And rise to eternity


One thought on “Today Is L. Ron Hubbard’s Birthday

  1. In a similar vein, we received a postcard yesterday with this greeting:

    Greetings from Target Two and Happy Birthday to me!!

    Stop by an Org on the 13th. Let’s celebrate!! (Just don’t forget your wallet)


    Liked by 1 person

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