Scientology 8-80 Up For Auction

Up for auction on Ebay is a 1952 printing of Scientology 8-80. We were struck by the subtitle “The Discovery and Increase of Life Energy in the Genus Homo Sapiens,” so we went to check the cover of the currently printed edition, and it’s still there, despite being incorrect basic biology.

What has been removed is the formula, and we have forgotten what the variables are here. “Life = E I/-r . (-f)” If anybody remembers, please let us know.

Also of interest is the address of the Hubbard Dianetics Center – 7175 Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood California. This is the appearance of the building today, a small two-story building set back from the street. The building in Phoenix listed as the location of the Hubbard Association of Scientologists, Inc. (also known as HASI, which was the predecessor to the International Association of Scientologists, or IAS) has been replaced by a transmission shop.

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