What’s Better Than Ideal? – Shakeup In Seattle

If this reorganization in Seattle is anything like those we have heard about at other orgs, it means 12 Sea Org members have come to town to transform them from an Ideal Org into a Model Ideal Org. How long they stay is anybody’s guess.

Hello Everyone!
Week Ending 12 March in the world of Scientology is LRH’s Birthday Week and the last week in our Church calendar production year, which means it is the last week in the 2014/2015 Birthday Game! On top of this many of you have been asking about the recent post changes you have heard about or observed in the org recently. I can tell you that there is a very sound strategy that is being operated from with regard to these changes and the Executive Directors will be sending a communication to the field about this soon. In the meantime, as of right now we have a day and a half left in this year’s production game and we would like to end with a bang. There is one thing that you can do that would back this up more than anything else, and that is get into the org and get onto service. If you cannot get onto a Major Grade Chart Service immediately then get onto your Basics or Golden Age of Knowledge Chronological Study, or even an appropriate Life Improvement Course. Remember what LRH says…”Man has been a long time on the track to reason, and Scientology can take him there. There is not much Earth time. We must work.” LRH
We will see you at the org!

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